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Layers of action figures, pumpkins, and superheroes, covered with a rich chocolatey coating! While reading his story about his son, Kasumba, please understand the complete loss that is the background of Kasumba’s story. Too soon it was time to leave.  Standing near the Cruiser, saying my goodbyes to my friend, I watched as the three heads popped out of the house, one by one, and came to the car. I wrote the above in my journal many years ago, and as I was reflecting on the theme verse for this blog series, I was reminded of it. And as I frame this scene with Proverbs 3:3, I see how important the intersection of kindness and truth really is.
Please clink on this link, to get a free printable download of Proverbs 3:3, by artist, Aleah Butler! If you want to make sure that you don’t miss any blog posts in the series, please sign up for email notifications in the contact section at the top of the page.
Posted in africa, kindness and tagged AidChild, AIDS, don't let kindness leave you, hold kindness close, kindness, Nathaniel Dunigan, Proverbs 3:3, series on kindness, story of kindness. Recently I was humbled by the extremity of my 5-year-old granddaughter’s kindness and compassion. I think Dan told me pieces of this story, but when you wrote it down again today, it gave me shivers.

All you need is Adobe Reader 5.0 or later to view and print pages from the PDF ePlan download. PC Keith Waller in his pedal-powered patrol car, complete with flashing lights, 'pulls over' a driver. Before anyone starts thinking this is the latest example of budget cuts on the police frontline, it should be pointed out that the pedal car is actually the result of a community project organised by local bobby Keith Waller. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I imagine that for folks who love collecting Dracula themed items this would be a pretty desirable item for the collection. If you're ever the optimist you could pretend that this is just a stray bit of blood but, considering how clean the paintwork is everywhere else, I'm calling it what it is: Slop. He's not as unique or crazy as some of the Garbage Pail Kids but who can deny the coolness of a classic vampire? Kasumba was not simply offering a nice gesture (that could have been achieved with the gift of a lesser-enjoyed toy, or even a simple, handmade card).
While I didn’t have these words for the scene then, I now know that Kasumba had bound kindness and truth around his neck, and had written them on the tablet of his heart.
The organization works hard to be self-sustaining, earning 70% of their operating budget through various restaurants and art galleries, but they can still use your support for the other 30%.

I share stories about courage, beauty and belonging—belonging to family, to community and to a pursuing, loving God. But then as I wrote the above in reflection, I quickly saw the extreme beauty of his heart. Any notion of a mere gesture was completely swept away by the intense sincerity of the gifts, particularly the truck. Can you encourage someone else by sharing your story in the comments below? I could use your help. We say we love unconditionally and that we love everyone, but often that simply is not true. The PDF ePlan set includes exploded views, assembly photos and step-by-step detailed instructions. The pattern pages in the ePlan are black and white precision line to help conserve printing ink.
As it stands, this is a fun Mystery Mini but not one that stands out as much as some others.

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