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We offer one piece track lengths up to 20' with RLP's own bracket design and color combinations.
Create a unique focal point in a room by utilizing any of our one of a kind door slabs (stile & rail or flush plank) combined with track barn door hardware.
These doors can be used in locations where it is not practical to put a swing door; the slider can maximize space over stairs or if there is not room for the arc of the swing. When trimming the opening consider how the trim will look and the reveal with the door installed. If you want to attain more privacy with the sliding door such as on a bathroom, over size the door as much as possible in relationship to the opening and purchase our privacy lock. Use thinner trim for a cased opening or sheetrock wrap that won’t get in the way of the sliding door. Make sure there is a spot to mount the track hardware in the right location directly above the door. Make sure you have a means to get the door into the building, especially if it is an oversized door.  If the door design is too large to move into building easily we will build it in a version that can be assembled from components once inside. For us a rule of thumb is that if the door is wider than four feet it may be simpler to provide two doors instead of one, but if you like the statement that a huge door makes then that is our specialty. If you are doing a pair of double doors that each open to their respective side and stop in the middle you can purchase two separate track kits from us that are sized just the twice the width of each door.
If the pair of doors both open to the same side then you will probable want to order a single piece of track that is 12' long for the above example and get one extra pair of hangers so both doors can be mounted. One key item that makes your install easier is to have solid backing or a continuous header for the full length of the track.  A continuous header makes it easier to find a sturdy spot to drill your lags into when mounting the track.
We have special construction techniques that can make a very large, thick, solid wood door light relative to its size.

When purchasing your door for the track compare quality of how the door is made and if you want both sides of the door to look nice whether opened or closed. Proudly made in the USA.  Nature left her mark on the antique lumber that came from Idaho farms, and then it was milled and fabricated into your door by craftsman in our shop. Save money by combining this door slab with a one of our track hardware kits for an additional $85 discount.   Buy your barn door and sliding track hardware from RLP for a one stop solution, with free shipping and quick turnaround time. Standard sizes shown here have 1 ? and 2 ?? thicknesses with widths up to 60? and heights to 97?.
Refer to our track hardware directions, but usually you should order your door at least 3? wider than your trimmed opening and 1? taller to work as a sliding wood door.
Not included - Installation, stain & finish, prehang preperation, hardware, handle, privacy lock, or tools. Door is not machined or predrilled for hardware; track kit if ordered with door is not installed on door. We can prefinish the door for $400 for a clear coat with no stain or dye, but we really recommend that you finish after receiving the door to be sure of how you want it to look. RLP warrants this door is free of defects for one year if installed properly.  See our warranty. Absolutely beautiful table and bench made exactly as I specified and with good advice by Alice!
Custom built reclaimed pine farmhouse barn door that is hand crafted into a diamond mosaic pattern using mortise and tenon joinery. Longleaf Lumber - Reclaimed Barn Doors Your browser is ancient! Longleaf Lumber - Reclaimed Barn Doors - Salvaged From Buildings Your browser is ancient!

Furniture maker Austin Aaron and his Dancing Grains Woodworks create these sliding barn doors from salvaged wood recovered from demolition projects in his local Boulder, Colorado area. The reclaimed wood is mounted in a hand-welded raw steel frame and hung from a heavy-duty, metal barn door rolling track. Sometimes our customers put up a “door to nowhere” on a wall just as accent even if there is no opening behind the wall. Our flat track requires about 4.5" above door, and our V track is a great low clearance option requiring less than 3". This is a door that is as artistic as it is functional.We build beautiful solid wood farmhouse furniture inspired by the well-used tables that adorned the kitchens of farms across America. The rustic doors are a perfect solution for closing off a dining room, study, or work room. Other great locations for sliding barn doors are lofts, infrequently used guest rooms, dens, media rooms, great rooms, conference rooms, changing rooms, hide something like a TV, or master baths. Sustainability About Longleaf tel: (617) 871-6611Local & International Service Reclaimed Barn Doors Reclaimed barn doors salvaged from agricultural outbuildings. Sustainability About Longleaf tel: (617) 871-6611Local & International Service Reclaimed Barn Doors Wooden barn doors reclaimed and salvaged from barns and other agricultural outbuildings are always available.

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