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Channel shape of barn door track adds extra strength and rigidity which allows track to span greater distances.
Better for remodel installations where one needs to drill into studs rather than a solid header for attaching track to wall.
Can be order with or without mounting holes predrilled in track so you can match the track to the mounting points available on the wall.
Complete kit for track includes all hardware you need to mount your door.  You do not need to purchase any extra lags or other fasteners.
Colored kits are coated with matte textured, industrial, baked on powder coat- not spray painted like many other brands.
Save money by combining this track kit with a one of our barn door slabs for an additional $85 discount. Glass filled nylon wheel with two sealed ball bearings for long life, quiet ride, and corrosion resistance.  RLP proprietary custom design made just for this track. No anti-jump blocks are required because of the unique design of track and installation method. Specify the thickness of door mounting on this track so we supply the correct length mounting bolts. RLP warrants this hardware is free of defects and is guaranteed for ten years if installed properly. All products sold by RLP are non-refundable and non-returnable since most are made to order. We offer one piece track lengths up to 20' with RLP's own bracket design and color combinations. Create a unique focal point in a room by utilizing any of our one of a kind door slabs (stile & rail or flush plank) combined with track barn door hardware. These doors can be used in locations where it is not practical to put a swing door; the slider can maximize space over stairs or if there is not room for the arc of the swing. When trimming the opening consider how the trim will look and the reveal with the door installed.

If you want to attain more privacy with the sliding door such as on a bathroom, over size the door as much as possible in relationship to the opening and purchase our privacy lock.
Use thinner trim for a cased opening or sheetrock wrap that won’t get in the way of the sliding door.
Make sure there is a spot to mount the track hardware in the right location directly above the door. Make sure you have a means to get the door into the building, especially if it is an oversized door.  If the door design is too large to move into building easily we will build it in a version that can be assembled from components once inside.
For us a rule of thumb is that if the door is wider than four feet it may be simpler to provide two doors instead of one, but if you like the statement that a huge door makes then that is our specialty. If you are doing a pair of double doors that each open to their respective side and stop in the middle you can purchase two separate track kits from us that are sized just the twice the width of each door. If the pair of doors both open to the same side then you will probable want to order a single piece of track that is 12' long for the above example and get one extra pair of hangers so both doors can be mounted. One key item that makes your install easier is to have solid backing or a continuous header for the full length of the track.  A continuous header makes it easier to find a sturdy spot to drill your lags into when mounting the track. We have special construction techniques that can make a very large, thick, solid wood door light relative to its size.
When purchasing your door for the track compare quality of how the door is made and if you want both sides of the door to look nice whether opened or closed. It can span up to 24? between attachment points within length of track (5 lag screws minimum, though, per door). It has been a major part in design trends such as the use of reclaimed wood and distressed wooden accents. Sometimes our customers put up a “door to nowhere” on a wall just as accent even if there is no opening behind the wall.
Our flat track requires about 4.5" above door, and our V track is a great low clearance option requiring less than 3". The barn door has a presence about it that is simply undeniable, and it looks even more mesmerizing in a modern setting.

Having showcased some fabulous examples of barn doors used in stylish living rooms and trendy bedrooms, today we take a look at kitchens that turn to the sliding barn door.
Other great locations for sliding barn doors are lofts, infrequently used guest rooms, dens, media rooms, great rooms, conference rooms, changing rooms, hide something like a TV, or master baths. There are plenty of variations here that you can select from, and the existing style of your kitchen often determines this choice. A reclaimed, vintage barn door can be expensive, is often pretty heavy, and will take special hardware to install. This helps save space in the kitchen, as you will not need any additional clearance area for swinging open the door. Maybe what your kitchen needs is a remarkable entrance that sets it apart from the dining room and living area next to it!
Sliding barn-style doors get this done with ease, and they definitely bring a sense of dramatic style thanks to both their size and the visual contrast they offer. Those seeking the same visual impact but with a more refined finish can either paint it in lovely neutrals such as steely gray or even opt for sliding doors with wooden frames and frosted glass panels. A surface to scribble on is something that we all need (even as adults) in our home, and having one in the kitchen means there is a ready-made message board that every member of the family can use.
You can even make a list of groceries you need to pick up or quickly jot down a recipe that you accidentally stumbled upon. They seem like loads of fun, bring the warmth of weathered wood to the kitchen and often end up being the showstoppers of the modern interior.
Sliding, frosted glass cabinet doors with a metallic or wooden frame might not exactly be ‘barn doors’ in the strictest sense, but that is another great way to translate the rustic inspiration into a contemporary variant.

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