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As part of an ongoing series of contemporary wood tables, I crafted this coffee table from reclaimed oak wine barrels from Napa & Sonoma Valley wineries. As part of an ongoing series of contemporary wood tables, I built this table out of various species of hardwood reclaimed from used shipping palettes. I wanted to show off the gentle arc of the barrel cross section, along with the dark gradient of the toasted inner portion. The palettes are a common sight around industrial areas and I wanted to transform their anonymous, utilitarian lives into something more exalted.

Yours will be made out of a similar wood, but keep in mind that reclaimed wood varies, and no two pieces will look exactly alike.
While many changes can be done at no additional charge, some changes will affect the pricing some.
The steel on this one has been done in black, but could also be done in brown, or just about any other color you might like. We could also add cross braces to enhance the industrial appearance (see my other pieces for examples; contact me for pricing information).

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