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We figured that if wonderful, patinated old barn siding has stood up to the worst of weather for near a century, it’s got to be pretty tough stuff. Our products are made here in the USA, in a way that’s healthy for you, our employees, and the environment.
Most of our solid and eco-friendly engineered products are available unfinished or prefinished. Our solid flooring features precision milled tongue and groove that can be nailed or stapled down.
We suggest ordering an additional 7-12% for most orders to cover trimming and installation waste. We always recommend using a professional installer and can note a few good ones local to your area.
Your order will be shipped via common carrier in most cases, which allows us to get the best shipping rates possible for you.
Since each order is different, it is difficult to estimate a typical freight cost, however If you’d like some ideas of the shipping cost for your order, please give us a call. Pioneer Millworks warrants that our factory-applied UV-cured Aluminum Oxide finish will not separate for a full 20 years from the original date of purchase. Pioneer Millworks warrants to the original purchaser that the wear layer will not separate from the platform for the lifetime of the floor under normal use and conditions.
Marks, dents, scratches, dings in the flooring or finish caused by pets, shoes, casters, wheels, furniture, or other sources. Changes in the natural wood caused by any stain or finish applied at the factory, or by you or the installer. Use of the wood in a commercial setting of any type, unless agreed upon prior to purchase, by Pioneer Millworks and the client. Pioneer Millworks has created various grades and descriptions to quantify as best we can the board stock and finished product ordered.
If you're interested in handcrafted cabinetry, furniture, stairs, and doors, visit our fine woodworking division, NEWwoodworks. Just inside the front door is a showstopping staircase, floating before a stacked stone wall that echoes the exterior chimney and foundation. The dining room, where a large table fills the eating area, has a couple of cozy nooks where George can relax alone or with guests.
One might be forgiven for assuming that a 1950 Modern house will be uninviting—all chilly steel, concrete, and glass.
The old adage in retail construction is “Everything changes, except for the opening date.”  This is incredibly true, and despite all the planning in the world, sometimes there’s just not a lot of time to pull a project together. Each project presents us with opportunities for using materials in our vast stock to make every installation special.  We don’t limit ourselves to what is seen on our extensive website, although there are plenty of options available. Of course, if we cant get a product to the job site efficiently then none of our work matters. Clear labels on our protective lumber wrap help the job site know where to direct every skid during hectic offloads. What challenges do you face in your projects when it comes to selecting reclaimed wood?  Let us know, and we can help you hit your opening date. A couple of weeks ago, I was talking about our kiln in the context of conservation (we use our scraps to fire our kiln, lessening our waste- how cool!) but you might wonder why our kiln is such a big deal at all. Our production team uses moisture meters to determine the moisture content of our reclaimed materials. Drying the material also helps us maintain our quality milling.  With a consistent moisture content, we can generally be assured that we won’t have a batch of flooring that moves or shrinks to a greater degree than another while it is waiting to be milled or after the milling process. Powder Post Beetles are among the insects that we commonly find evidence of in reclaimed wood. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a large commercial installation of some reclaimed Gym Floor.
With our trusted friends Walter and Eric of Veteran Wood Floors, LLC., I witnessed, and lent a hand in, the laying down of over 15,000 square feet in a little over 3 days. Along with the original finish, various accent colors ranging from black to white, grey, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, brown and red are left intact on this extremely durable grade. Reclaimed Gym Floors require both a skilled hand during installation and an acute visual sensibility. Nolan headed home to have lunch with his wife and to see if he could dig up any pictures or documents related to the old mill. Nolan himself began work at the Cotton Mill in 1944 and except for the two years he spent in the service during the Korean war, worked there for 39 years.
It should also be noted that the wood that we have reclaimed from this mill has been some of the nicest material we’ve seen in a long time.
Back in the late 1990’s, we procured some of the most amazing timbers in North America.
On the rails laid through the canal for construction, a pair of cranes flank a 50 foot flat car and lift a single timber into position. Timing is everything, and our sister company, New Energy Works, was just getting into the construction of a restaurant with a nautical theme, Steamboat Landing in nearby Canandaigua, NY. Earlier this year, we cut a length off for shipment to our shop in Oregon and we were reminded of how unique and special these timbers really are.
Try to count the rings – on some of the timbers, we lost count somewhere well past 300. Not long afterward, a great client of mine came by and we were discussing the perfect slabs to use for tables in his new restaurant.
After cutting a section off the main timber, we used an Alaskan Mill to slice the pieces to rough thickness.
Once rough-cut, they were planed down to the finished thickness, leaving the edges just as they had aged. When Annie made the hour and a half trek to our Farmington, NY headquarters from Buffalo, NY, she was in the midst of a major kitchen overhaul in her 19th century home.
Grandma’s Attic offers a very old, casual wide board look that is the result of careful selection and partial planing. Settlers’ Plank mixed hardwoods is crafted from a variety of elm, beech, maple, hickory, ash, and other hardwood species we may have available. In Annie’s case, she just preferred the idea of the Mixed Reclaimed Hardwoods, a floor that would help to hide the scrapes and dings every floor incurs.

Annie finished her 7+ inch wide Settlers’ Plank Mixed Hardwoods with a natural tung oil. While Jered was traversing NYC to meet with folks and look in on a few projects he kept us up-to-date (have to love technology!) with photos.
On his way to meeting with potential clients, Jered stopped by the new (and only) Chobani yogurt store. Jered made another quick stop to the newest Steve Madden store capturing a few images of our Grandma’s Attic mixed softwoods flooring and antique grey barn siding on the walls. We’ve been salvaging flooring and bleachers from educational institutions that are re-vamping their gymnasiums.
Picking up where we left off, I got the wet work done in the room, which is important to complete prior to installing a wood floor. After stapling down a layer of 15# roofing felt to reduce squeaks, I got to work putting in the wood. Western Red Cedar from the Coastal Pacific Northwest has been our wood of choice for exterior products for 50 years.
Western Red Cedar comes from the Coastal Pacific Northwest of North America, which has a short growing season making for a tight grain.
Western Red Cedar has always been a popular choice for outdoor applications such as lap siding, cedar shake siding, decking components, outdoor furniture and of course exterior shutters. Western Red Cedar has a naturally occurring compound called thujic that helps prevent insect attack and decay causing funji, making the wood naturally decay resistant. Western Red Cedar shutters that are maintained properly will last for decades.Many of our shutters built in the sixties and seventies are still in use today.
2-4 weeks, usually 2-3 except during peak seasons, to produce a typical batch of UNFINISHED custom made exterior shutters, after all specifications are resolved and order pre-paid.
We also carry Heavy Duty Movable Louver exterior shutters on request as well as custom options. If you're trying to match existing louver shutters, measure the distance from the bottom of one louver to the next. In fact, the oxidized surface layer provides a good deal of protection to the wood underneath, which means it can be put right back into the service. The World's Most Eco-Friendly Engineered flooring is entirely tongue and groove including end matching. The wood comes bundled in manageable sections that in most cases one person can carry at least one bundle. Each plank goes through numerous inspections for quality of grading & milling throughout the manufacturing process. All materials will be kiln-dried to an average moisture content of 6% to 9% at the time of shipment from our plant. Tall shelves, a stone-veneer chimney, and windows masked from the street by shoji screens define the homey space, which homeowner George Mabry says he will use every day.
Dark–stained wood shelves provide a dramatic backdrop for his art pottery collection. But take a walk down the front steps of George Mabry's newly renovated house, and those preconceptions start to unravel. Tsiang's choices may be 21st-century, but the house still belongs in the class of high-style mid-20th-century Modern, with its floating staircase, streamlined fixtures and lighting, open-plan first floor, and a wall of glass along the back that makes inside and outside a matter of opinion. Combined with traditional, even antique materials, from recycled wood to handmade tiles to farmhouse slate counters, the house belies the notion that Modern homes are cold and soulless. Our team of sales people, hail from design & construction backgrounds and enjoy finding the perfect wood to set the project apart. Commercial construction often mandates deliveries be made at times well before the opening of the mall, or while traffic is at a minimum on city streets.
The telltale holes and trails give the planks wonderful character – after the bugs are gone. It was a good experience for me because the largest install that I had done to date was about 100 square feet of Premium Select Vertical Grain Heart Pine in a small studio of mine. It was a very casual experience as I hand picked each piece and the whole floor was assembled like a precious puzzle. Because the flooring is reused as-is (without any additional milling), gapping and irregularities are to be expected and the installer must be attentive to keep the rows straight. In addition, an effort must be made to keep the original paint markings evenly dispersed during installation. As one man nailed the flooring down, two guys would work ahead of him sorting and laying the pieces out.  At the end of each day, what had been installed was then screened, vacuumed and coated with single application of protective finish. We met this summer while I was traveling in Alabama, sourcing reclaimed timbers for our sister company New Energy Works.
Often we can tell them that it came from a barn in a neighboring state or a factory in a nearby city.
An hour later he returned with not only pictures and documents but also a bag of tomatoes, cucumbers and an ear of cooked and buttered corn wrapped in foil. Since the mill closed in September 2003, the town of Fayette has certainly felt the loss of a major employer, but Nolan has made it a mission to keep the memories alive. Just look at the dense grain in this beautiful Douglas Fir timber that we recently used for a job!
Quite different from the large timbers salvaged from warehouses and factories, these were used to form the lock gates on the Welland Canal which held back Lake Erie. You can see for yourself in the above photo, the sheer size of the gates as they were being constructed. All but two of these beasts were used in that project, right down to the sideboards being cut into trim around the windows & doors.
After being submerged for nearly 100 year the colors and staining through the timbers were nothing short of magical. A crew of many unloaded and set the slabs onto their steel bases on the site, then sanded and finished the pieces to perfection. Rounding out the decor (pun intended), thick, curved wine barrel staves were used to create an accent on the wall as you enter the space.
She had her eye on our Grandma’s Attic Mixed Reclaimed Softwoods after viewing our website and when we chatted on the phone she decided to come out and see it for herself.
Generally our attic flooring is crafted of a mosaic of hemlock, eastern white pine and Douglas fir, however other softwoods are used as available. We reviewed the finished sample panels and pieces of the unfinished planks in our showroom so she could really get a feel for the color and character in Grandma’s Attic.

I really like how the original depth of patina, saw marks, scrapes and dings, compliment the clean lines of the heavy timbers. This grade is more relaxed, creating a barn floor look with a greater variety of color and grains due to the many species featured.
The Settlers’ Plank Mixed Hardwoods allowed Annie to get the warm, wide plank, authentic, and lived-in look she wanted, in a low maintenance, budget friendly form. It’s a perfect blend of history with a modern sensibility in a family oriented space.
The contrast of the antique wood with the LED shelf display lighting (see image below) is a perfect example of old melding with new. Don’t worry, the black paint was traced back to its original source and was found to be an environmentally friendly, waterborne polymer. Some of the bleacher boards have made their way to the floor in an interesting chevron pattern.
This makes the wood extremely stable with one of the lowest expansion ratios of any wood species. If your room has an odd shape, enter in the width & length of each area and add them up. We then wrap your order in lumber wrap, and shrink wrap the ends of the skid for maximum weather protection.
Flooring and other materials that are kiln-dried will be free of insect infestation at the time of shipment from our plant. Curved bronze balusters, designed by Tsiang to look like tree branches, add a metallic contrast without looking industrial. There, chocolate–colored redwood siding and thin slices of rustic stacked stone surround an entryway made even more welcoming by the soothing sound of a nearby fountain.
That opinion is best expressed in the words of one particularly reluctant convert, TOH general contractor Tom Silva, who executed the transformation.
A recent restaurant installation in Rochester NY is a great example of this type of effort. Our shipping coordinator, Renee Knowles, has assembled a team of transportation providers that go above and beyond to work with strict delivery requirements.  Need a 4 am delivery?  No problem. Aided by a crew of a dozen men working round the clock, the installation process was a relentless hustle where choices were made instinctively, on the fly. It was 107 degrees in the town of Fayette where the demolition was underway of a former Union Underwear Inc.
Our correspondence continues, and we share what we learn with the clients who have given the wood from The Union Underwear Inc. The last two timbers remained here at our shop, waiting to be used in a form that would respect their size and the trees in Western Canada from where they were harvested. Huge timbers from a warehouse would look fantastic and have a great story to tell, but again, they just didn’t have the girth he wanted from a single slab. If you’re in Rochester, stop by TRATA, The Restaurant At The Armory, and check out the fruits of our labor over some fantastic cuisine and a lovely beverage.
It is a versatile option that can be left as rugged as the original planks, or smoothed out to replicate a footworn old floor.
I’ve found the mixed softwoods have big impact whether on the floor, ceiling, wall, or even when crafted into fixtures. It is very durable and looks great with a poly finish (as shown in this image of The Vermont Street Studio) or a more traditional tung oil. Not only would the reclaimed hardwoods look like they had been in the house for a century, they also came with a history of their own, a story Annie is sure to share with family and friends. Some of our redwood, salvaged from a Finger Lakes winery, has new life as the fixtures and ceiling paneling in the shop.
It is a non-toxic, non-flammable, solvent free, low VOC waterproof coating used in agricultural settings and safe for use around farm animals…and hungry folks. All of the original aisle numbers, paint markings, bolt holes, dings, dents, and scuffs were maintained in this floor. Whether your replacing old, broken or worn-out shutters or adding the finishing touches to your new home, exterior wood shutters from The Wood Works, Inc. As exterior siding it can work for your whole structure, or in select areas to add interest where there is none. Pioneer Millworks is FSC chain of custody certified in three categories and Green America approved.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your flooring, please contact us prior to any cutting, nailing, or installation and we will replace any materials which do not meet the grade specifications and information on your signed order confirmation. The effect is more serene forest than sterile structure, and any visitor would be hard pressed to say the style holds no charms. We know that even a small quantity such as this can make or break the visual impact of a design. Looking beyond the original use of the wood as trusses in a factory, I worked with the owner to develop these planks which celebrate the history of the wood, right down to the old shear ring marks surrounding the bolt holes. Accurate documentation, communication with the job site and trucking company, and easy-to-manage packaging make it easy.
The only thing missing is the old gum stuck to the bottom – our prep crew had fun scraping it off! We reserve the right to require photographs of, or the return of, any material in question prior to the release of replacement flooring. We’re continually honing our ability to recommend a material that we know will work with the design, be logical to mill to order, and ship out quickly.
Louvered shutters, panel shutters, bahama shutters and even custom combinations of styles can be built. Pioneer Millworks will not accept returns of, or replace, any materials which have been cut or installed once leaving our shop, or damaged in return transit due to improper or insufficient packaging. Nolan’s father worked at the lumber mill at this time and was sadly the victim of a fatal accident.
Call us today to answer any questions about styles, ordering or mounting of your new shutters.

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