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I was searching for the right height standing workstation for months until I came across the IVAR system from IKEA. My fridge recently stopped keeping the bottom section cold and there was zero airflow from the vents. So one day I was wondering what i should do with my time, so i thought and thought and then say that my headphones where a mess and not organized well. I recently started digging through a nest of cables in my basement only to discover that nothing was labeled, nothing made sense, and probably 50% of the cables weren't even hooked up.
Washing your car yourself can be a relaxing and satisfying respite from the concerns of life and an activity the kids can help you with. There is nothing like the taste of restaurant Chinese food, ever wonder why you can't replicate the same stir-frys at home? This instructable is to show you how i have built the Dumas Dh4 balsa RC plane and the challenges that i faced and how i figured out a solution for them. I've attached a reference diagram from the Sears parts website that I wish I would have had before I started. I have a friend who has problems using small precision screwdrivers because of Arthritis in their hands, The little screwdrivers caused pain and were fiddly to use.
This Instructable will show you how to assemble an adapter to use a Bosch 18V Lithium Ion battery on a Porter Cable power tool.

If you're not happy with this item for any reason, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days. At the base of the speaker is a weight to keep it all steady.If you have any questions feel free to pop them in the comments. It is a flexible system that can be used on many other projects as well, you just have to adjust for size and weight.
It's completely modular so you can set the desk height and cabinet configuration however you'd like.
Topside in the freezer there was ice build up which is a bad sign in my auto-defrost fridge.
It appeared to me the previous owner had some kind of multi-purpose system installed for video, audio, data, etc.
When power cut is happened, there are 2200mAh batteries with me to put my kitchen to illuminate.
Now this instructables shows you how to affix medieval style arrows to a shaft, not how to fletch the shaft or how to make the arrowhead, but don't worry. The process is fairly quick and simple, but you will need to do a little legwork to get the right supplies before you can start.
In this instructable I'm gonna show you a holder that I made as birthday present for my best friend.Since he loves and collects Absolut Vodka I bought him six mini bottles of different flavors. This floating rack installs flush to the wall and has small magnets embedded into the hardwood surface to hang onto those keys of yours.

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My wallet, however, does not allow me to splurge on a spoon carving knife, so here is a method I created using regular woodworking chisels! Once installed, the shelf provides a solid surface for your other daily essentials, like your phone or wallet, or a curated selection of small objects.
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Hang it up by the door, in the kitchen or by the bed as a bedside surface, and never lose those darned keys again. A few days later it came to me as I was working outside in my shop: I would build an RC Car!
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