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Our reclaimed wood is salvaged from abandoned barns and factories throughout the Northeast, many of which were built between 1700 and 1920. Many of materials are derived from large buildings, which allows for large structural timbers. Materials obtained from the Northeast are notable for their tensile strength, because colder regions have shorter growing seasons, which result in tighter growth rings.
Reclaimed Barn Siding will feature a random mix of naturally faded colors respective to the selection.
Hickory is reclaimed from barn beams found in the midwest, each Hickory plank is hand-selected for unique colors and features that can only be found in slow-growth wood that has been naturally aged. New England Hemlock is reclaimed throughout the Northeast, primarily in New England from old barns and cabins, and has a tendency to be very grainy with a very pronounced knot structure. Oak is reclaimed from wood joists, rafters, granary boards, siding and floor boards in old barns and other wooden structures. Featuring only the finest and most rare hardwoods, Select mix includes antique cherry, walnut and chestnut. Wormy Chestnut is reclaimed from old factories and mills in the form of structural beams, timbers and joists. Reclaimed wood may be left Uncoated, or it can specified in a Natural Oil or UV Cure Aluminum Oxide coating.
Uncoated materials are suitable for clients wishing to apply their own site sand and finish or for textured wall paneling. Natural Oil is a penetrating sealer that deepens the color of the wood and highlights its natural grain. Materials treated with Water-Based Polyurethane are ideal for commercial applications requiring a durable, protective coating with a slight sheen. When calculating normal flooring installation square footage, industry standards suggest adding a 5%-10% waste factor.
If requested, Stone Source can provide a laying sequence for an order that’s based on shape and square footage of the space and the material provided.
Acclimation time frame is dependent on many factors including the conditions and climate at time of delivery. Although there are many different thoughts and practices on which installation method is best, it is suggested that the installer adhere to the National Wood Flooring Association Guidelines on hardwood floor installation. Reclaimed Antique Barn Wood has weathered to perfection, and has withstood the test of time. Becky Striepe is a green blogger and independent crafter with a passion for vintage fabrics. Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. A  Reclaimed wood kitchen island is a great idea to bring a rustic and natural feel in the kitchen, since nothing can bring a warm and cozy touch in the interiors as reclaimed wood. The sleek and modern appearance of  this incredible reclaimed walnut kitchen island provides this kitchen with super elegant and modern appereance. The small size of this rustic reclaimed wooden kitchen island is not a breakdown point since the  design of this reclaimed walnut kitchen island provides this kitchen with super contemporary rustic ambiance and appearance.
The rustic design in combination with the light color of this reclaimed wood kitchen island provides this kitchen with an amazing and relaxing appearance. This is a really beautiful reclaimed wood kitchen island with  lighthearted structure and a beautiful design. This reclaimed wood kitchen island has a sleek and modern design and provides this kitchen with beautiful and cozy feel. The enormous size of this reclaimed wood kitchen island adds a grandiose and dramatic note in this kitchen with elegant setting. The wheels of this reclaimed wood kitchen island with light color adds to the functionality and also to the aesthetics of the same.

A reclaimed wood kitchen island with advanced functionality is just perfect in terms of rationalizing the space in the kitchen and providing the place with contemporary and rustic appearance.
This small and yet beautiful reclaimed wood kitchen island may fit perfectly in small and urban kitchen. The tall size of this reclaimed wood kitchen island adds a daring and dramatic note in this modern and  friendly kitchen.
A reclaimed wood kitchen island with a marble glass is a perfect combination for creating an  elegant appearance in the kitchen with a touch of rustic and modern. The tall design of this rustic and yet contemporary reclaimed wood kitchen island will add a playful and dramatic feel in your kitchen.
This is a really solid and beautiful reclaimed wood kitchen island and it will work perfect for creating a formal and warm feel in your kitchen. Columns, structural timbers, siding and thick decking are deconstructed from floors, walls and roofing systems to provide different types of wood fiber and several grades of material.
Other materials are obtained from primitive cabins and bars, which provides a variety of species and sizes. In addition, materials obtained from older structures tend to be far stronger than material obtained from newer structures or virgin timber.
This material features wide variations in color, from nearly white to dark brown, and a delicate balance of sound cracks, checking, wormholes and knots. As the material weathers, the grain begins to lift; making it more vulnerable to the mill’s “Bear Wood” finishing process which further exposes the grain. Reclaimed Oak hardwood flooring – known for its strength, durability and resistance to wear – is among our most popular flooring choices. For centuries, the American chestnut tree was prized for its strong, straight-grained wood that was easy to saw and split. Uncoated materials preserve more surface patina and saw marks than materials treated with UV Cure Aluminum Oxide or Natural Oil.
This Natural Oil coating contains no VOC or low VOC and has no effect on indoor air quality. By comparison, Water-Based Polyurethane coatings will not darken materials as much as the Natural Oil Coating. Water-Based Polyurethane is the hardest coating on the market, but is more difficult to spot treat than Natural Oil Coatings.
Random lengths are generally 2’-12’ in solid wood and 2’-10’ in engineered though they vary based on the wood selection. The goal is to ensure the moisture content of the wood is relative to the living conditions and remains consistent; industry standards suggest 30-50% humidity level and 60-80 degree temperatures. And when you use reclaimed wood - like fallen tree limbs or driftwood - in your crafting, you're not only harvesting free craft supplies. Make Beads (or buttons!) - Slice up a skinny tree limb, and use a drill to turn them into beads!
Tree Stump Card Holder - Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, it's fun to display those cards, isn't it?
Driftwood Candelabra - This simple driftwood candle holder makes a sweet centerpiece for the table. I think driftwood is so beautiful in home decor, and I absolutely adore your idea to make beads from skinny tree limbs. Reclaimed wood kitchen  island, aside of the aesthetical appearance, it is also a smart way to utilize an upscale wood and used for functional purposes.
The  advanced functionality of this super rustic reclaimed walnut kitchen island adds a sleek note and acts like a striking point to the rustic and natural appearance of the dark brown reclaimed wood. This is a great example of how can you create an elegant and beautiful ambiance in your kitchen with reclaimed wood kitchen island.
The simple design of this reclaimed wood kitchen island adds a friendly and cozy note in this kitchen. This reclaimed wood kitchen island  may look great in your kitchen and provide it with a charming and adorable note. Everyone will find something for themselves.Hundreds of photos and instructions from the best architects.

These materials have an authentic weathered appearance featuring nail holes, knots, checking, color contrast, worm holes, bolt holes, saw marks, surface patina and other characteristics. Another benefit of reclaimed wood is that the use of such materials removes materials from the waste stream, minimizing the impact of new construction.
Sadly, during the early to mid-1900s, this once vital hardwood timber tree was virtually destroyed in the eastern United States by an Asian blight fungus. It meets the requirements set by the LEED Building Rating System and may be used to earn LEED IEQ 4.4 Credit. For example, unlike freshly-lumbered Pine, Reclaimed Heart Pine is considered a hardwood with a tight grain that often possesses more than seven growth rings per inch. Samples, pictures or representations provided are to demonstrate the general characteristics and appearance of the material and are in no way a guarantee all of the characteristics that will appear in your order. You're also bypassing the big box store and all of the social and environmental issues that surround shopping for mass produced goods. If you've made something cool out of reclaimed wood, I'd love to hear about it in the comments, too!
Instead of just drilling a center hole, you could also do thinner slices and drill 2-4 holes to make your own wooden buttons.
You need a branchy branch for this project - ones with lots of offshoots to hang your ornaments. F Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world. By taking small steps you can start to incorporate eco-friendly options into your life that will both reduce your impact on the earth and improve the quality of your life. Reclaimed wood kitchen island is a great idea to bring a statement furniture in your kitchen and provide it with rustic and  natural touch. With this commercially extinct wood, expect planks ranging in color from lustrous tan to dark chocolate with an open, yet tight grain texture. Natural Oil is suitable for applications requiring a protective coating that can be easily repaired and maintained. Most species are suitable for residential as well as medium-traffic commercial applications. To properly acclimate materials, the wood should be unpacked and left in the dry, temperature controlled jobsite after all other construction has been completed.
We feature sustainable products, ideas and news to help you to help you on your journey to a greener lifestyle.
The reclaimed wood is always a great idea for adding a warm and cozy feel in the interiors. Reclaimed Wormy Chestnut also features some original saw marks, nail holes, sound cracks and checking in addition to its trademark wormholes. Compared to UV Cure Aluminum Oxide, Natural Oil is more prone to nicks and scratches in a commercial setting. The care and maintenance procedures for wood are different than that of a hard surface material such as natural stone or porcelain tile. We are going to present you a showcase of 15 Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island Ideas which could serve as an inspiration. Softwoods (Fir and Butternut) as well as softer hardwoods (such as Chestnut and Walnut) will show more wear than harder hardwoods such as Hickory, Maple or Oak. All wood will show more wear than hard-surface materials such as natural stone or porcelain tile.
When featuring inspirational quotes on wall art, be sure to choose a saying that is representative of your style or family.Add a little country market charm to your kitchen with this sign made by Tammy of Homespun Happenings.
When laying out your numbers, use a manufactured clock for reference to get the positions just right.

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