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Since 2010, the region has replanted and transplanted coffee trees on over 61,000 hectares. Special Olympics Athlete, Swaggy Tony, Invites Taylor Swift To Prom – How Will Taylor Respond? Marijuana coffee is on its way to the state of Washington, ladies and gentlemen, so if you are one of those antiquated souls who stills consumes boring, old conventional tea, soda or coffee in the morning, it’s time to upgrade your swagger!
According to My Northwest, this exciting new marijuana-based beverage was conceived by Longview, Washington resident Adam Stites.
And if you are one of those people who are big on rules, laws and regulations, then have no worry!

Stites’ marijuana coffee and soda drinks will of course be closely regulated by Washington state law. It will be heavily dependent on how many stores are willing to stock the drinks on their shelves. Come July, you’ll be able to start your morning with an mmm-mmm delicious and exciting chug of Legal, as the cold-brewed concoction of coffee and THC will be known. Measuring the potency of marijuana remains extraordinarily difficult due to the vast differences in strains. The Legal brand will also be launching three juice-based sodas (Rainier Cherry, Lemon Ginger and Pomegranate) that too will contain THC.

The good news is that according to Stites, his operation is prepared to produce hundreds of these drinks per hour. In the meantime, make sure you start tossing out all those dilapidated containers of Folgers in your cupboards, folks, because it’s clearly time to upgrade to some marijuana coffee!
Keep in mind that the marijuana coffee itself will be available in two strains: one that is plain and one that contains cream and sugar.

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