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Our normal shipping time is around 3-4 weeks, but as our waiting list grew a little too quickly since the start of this year - we'll need a few extra weeks tops to catch up, so estimated delivery time is 9 weeks. Sorry for the delay, but we need to take the time to sure every piece is given the time and attention required. We absolutely stand behind everything we make and sew - We will either send you a replacement, provide alteration credit if you'd prefer to amend via your local seamstress or refund you at the worst case scenario; we'll do whatever it takes to satisfy and float that boat of yours - just let us know ASAP when you get the covers and snap some photos to get us on the same page. Remember to order some fabric samples though, because colours on each monitor can and will vary; most importantly though, get samples because it's not cool to protest if you think our whites doesn't exactly match the white you have on your wall.

It gets even faster with Express Shipping (additional $60) and you can have it delivered within 9 working days.
Well, that's just not good enough - We will either refund you, or send you an altered replacement, even provide credit you for an alteration locally, whatever it takes to satisfy and float that boat. Remember to order free samples though, because it's not cool to change your mind 1 week into production. The end result has to be something we ourselves would be happy with. All parcels are shipped exclusively via DHL, FEDEX with tracking and insurance.

Rather than pushing for overtime and hiring contractors, we decided to make sure that every piece is given the time and attention it required knowing that we'll be able to maintain consistencies and the quality that we ourselves would be happy with.

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