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Although many of us pamper our pets on a regular basis, the holidays provide an excuse to lavish our beloved four-legged friends with even more special presents a€” and the combination of a bit of disposable income, a taste for high-end products and a heart full of love for our animal friends means the sky's the limit when it comes to luxury gifts. From souped-up strollers to beds no pet princess would refuse, we've rounded up nine fabulously luxurious pet products you'll want to check out this holiday season.
When it comes to the fanciest products, sometimes our large-breed dogs are left out of the fun. Granted, this gift might be a bit more for the pet owner than the pet himself, but you can't deny that this litterbox hider, which fits oversize electronic litterboxes, will make it easier than ever to hide your cat's potty, even in plain sight.
If your cat uses a standard litter pan, you can save a little money and opt for the original size.
Your classy kitty or pretty pup will stand out even among the in crowd with a special embellished harness like this.

It's around 3 foot by 3 foot it's sealed so no mess gets out and the top is to heavy for the snake to lift. This gorgeous blinged-out feeder will add a bit of elegance to your dog's dining a€” but we can't guarantee it'll get Fido to chow down with any more finesse. Fortunately, this gorgeous leather collar is available in sizes that will accommodate even the biggest Mastiff.
Front and rear entry make getting in and out easy, a steel bar creates an extra-safe enclosure and an interior tether keeps your dog from jumping out while you're on a walk.
This sturdy and plush pet bunk bed can handle pets up to 30 pounds on each level a€” and the fun zebra and leopard prints are designed to add a bit of pizzazz to any room. This coffee table enclosure lets your reptiles be right in the center of things a€” perfect for small spaces and social lizards.

And while you might not need a gorgeous and sparkly brush to get the job done, don't you think it makes it just a little extra special? Come on people this table really does look good and I wouldn't be getting rid if I didn't need the room . As an added bonus, the canopy design allows your pet to be social when he wants and hidden when he prefers some privacy. I hate to see it go but iv moved in to a smaller house and my huskys are not so small anymore I need the space.

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