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How can engineering be driven within Scrum Requirements and how can this be carried out with high quality in compliance with the current standards?
This chapter goes into more detail on how professional requirements engineering can be achieved within the Scrum framework. Every requirement that is analyzed, specified, documented and not transformed into a feature that delivers value is considered a waste in lean thinking.
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Requirements Engineering and Testing are both important areas within software engineering, each with their research communities and set of practitioners. The objective of RET is to explore the interaction of Requirements Engineering (RE) and Testing, in research and industry, and the challenges that result from this interaction.
RET'15, co-located with the 37th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2015) in Florence, Italy.

The enterprise world is full of company-wide norms and regulations on how to write and maintain requirements. In agile projects, potential waste is minimized by interleaving requirements engineering with development and testing. The coordination of these two fields affects the efficiency and the effectiveness of the entire software development cycle and its lead time, making this an important topic from a business perspective.
We hope RET will provide a much needed forum for exchanging ideas and best practices for aligning RE and testing, and in particular can help foster industry-academia collaboration on this topic. First here we will look into the key tasks of the Product Owner and the possibilities to estimate and plan requirements. We do not propose to leave direct communication aside, but rather incorporate it into a more formal process for agile requirements engineering. This bridges the gap between analysts and developers and fosters communication and close collaboration. While much work has been done in the respective fields of Requirements Engineering (RE) and Testing, there exists much more that can be done to increase the connection between the RE and the Testing process.

The chapter additionally describes an adapted and optimized mode for dealing with requirements. This can include processes, practices, artifacts, methods, techniques, tools and softer aspects like the communication between roles in the engineering process. Submissions can vary from short position papers outlining observed problems, to short papers employing case studies, experiments, experience reports, etc. We particularly encourage submissions from industrial practitioners or those working with industrial partners.

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