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This is an excellent abdominal massage, and especially good for the pancreas, or a clogged-up liver. When we are tired and worn out, nature forces us to sleep so that the body has a chance to repair and replenish itself. Later in this course I will give you forms of doing the Bhastrika where the breath is alternated from nostril to nostril, as well as the Mukha  Bhastrika, the Cleansing Breath. Without sleep, we would keep the destructive side of metabolism at an all time high and eventually wear out the body much quicker than otherwise.
Collapse face prone in Una Mukha Asana, after each vigorous rocking, letting go of all tension as completely as possible. Sleep produces a high anaboliccellular repair and replacement and as well, is healing to the emotions and the mind.
But for house-holders it is much more important in curing and purifying the bodily malfunctions. Yet, it is only recently that we have been given the real facts, not that facts have changed the masses in any great way. Do not flop over onto the side, but rock from side to side, gently massaging internal organs by doing so. I am told that cigarette consumption is actually on the increase as the result of warnings now mandatory up on the cigarette packages sold. This latter Yogic system explores effective measures of correcting the imbalances of the physique and the psyche. Release the leg and take a deep in-breath as the body is relaxed to the beginning position. So Hatha Yogis invented methodsto purify the bodily system to do away with diseases, to resist them and to strengthen the body and mind for a longer period.
Hence, the Hatha Yoga system is more useful and effective for humanity in building up one’s health and for protection against physical disease.
Great benefit is given to the organs, muscles and nerves on one side of the body at a time by doing the Ardha Dhanurasana.

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