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Kreg® Precision Insert Plate This precision insert plate is the same as the one that comes with the new Kreg bench-top router table*.
The plate is not pre-drilled; a target pattern on the underside guides drilling so you can custom mount virtually any router model. For user-made tables, a set of four levellers is available to let you quickly and precisely set the plate flush with the tabletop surface and eliminate the need to rout a supporting ledge in the opening.* Kreg bench-top tables purchased before May 2013 use an older style of insert. This eliminates the possibility of the router causing any sagging, regardless of the construction of your table. You can always take an aluminum plate to a machine shop and have it surfaced flat on their cylinder head grinding machine if you need to- if you do it with the router bolted onto it it will be better than just about anything else.
However, a plate is going to run you anywhere from $60 to $100 anyway, and Woodpeckers has the PRL on sale for $199.

I have tried a couple different plates for my router tables, including Rockler's aluminum plate, Woodpecker's phenolic and aluminum, and the Incra aluminum magnalock plate. All were good plates, but the main difference between them is the mechanism for changing the inserts, which can be an issue if you are frequently changing between general bit sizes. Don't have any suggestions on the router plate, as I've been wondering the same thing myself, but that cabinet sure looks nice.
Except for the 2 weeks my plate was in for repair, my PC7518 motor has hung from my Woodpecker PRL (version 1) in the table for a little over 3 years now. This sturdy, phenolic router table insert can be drilled to accept any brand or model of router.
Available as an accessory for the Kreg floor-stand table, it can also be used to create a user-made router table.

A twist-lock system allows fast and easy insert changes; just drop the ring into the opening and give it a short turn with the included pin wrench to lock it flush with the plate surface. I actually found a used Woodpecker PRL for $100 so I consider myself lucky very lucky on that front.
Im not finding any plates that are drilled for the 3000 so it looks like I may have to buy a blank.
And another that is just a substitute -- a flat plate that can be in your table, while the router-and-plate sit on a shelf in the corner of your shop.

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