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Kreg's Level-loc Insert rings fit into the router table insert plate quickly and easily - without a bunch of fiddling with set screws to insure flatness. The un-drilled version of the plate has alignment parks on the bottom of the plate to easily center your router and includes detailed instructions for drilling the plate to fit your router. The Triton version of the plate comes pre-drilled to fit Triton MOF001(2hp) and TRA001(3hp) routers. Note: The un-drilled version of this plate is now standard equipment on all Kreg Router tables.
I needed to buy a new router table once I discovered that my old table had grooves in the top which interfered with the process of routing lock miter joints when you pass work vertically through the cutter. I think the table is a very good piece of work but so far I'm totally disappointed with the fence. I looked a long time at Router tables, and fence combinations before I bought this one.This is a very well put together table and fence for the price. I would give this table and fence 10 stars, very well put together, I was leary when ordering, I was afraid this would be one of those little flimsy tables. I bought this router table with the phenolic insert (my second mistake) and the stand (my third mistake). This is a quality table top, very sturdy, well built with T-Track that really adds a lot of functionality to the router. I also purchased some featherboards to mount to the T-Track that make this table work very well. The knobs for adjusting the fence make it very easy to make fence adjustments and hold it very firmly in place.
Kreg PRS3050 Level-Loc Reducing Rings for Precision Router Table Insert PlatesAuthorized Full Stocking Kreg Dealer & Free Shipping!!
Veritas® Router Table Insert Plate Our 12" circular router table insert plate is for those who want to build their own table or already have an available surface for convenient insertion.

The MLCS Router Table Top includes a heavy, white melamine Router Table Top, a high Split Fence and your choice of Router Insert Plates, plus lots of features! The two faults I find is no hardware provided and better instruction for screwing the stand to the table were not wonderful. I have now used the table and fence to do this, and I am pleased with what I was able to do.
The outfeed adjustable fence and the infeed fence are not co-planer resulting in a hang-up in feeding stock seamlessly thru the cut. I may replace the Phenolic insert to aluminum because I leave the motor in all the time and I have noticed that it?s starting to get bowl shaped. At the time I wasn?t interest in a lift, but I would not have bought the table had I known. Kreg PRS3034 Precision Pre-Drilled Router Table Insert Plate for M0F001, TRA001Authorized Full Stocking Kreg Dealer & Free Shipping!! The table can be of any size or shape to suit specific requirements or it could be the extension table of a saw, allowing you to use your existing table saw surface and fence. You cut (or rout) a 12" diameter hole in a table, install the four plate levellers on the underside of the table top, clamp your router to the plate and set it in. It would be best to provide a CD or have it available on line like many other products MLCS provides. The key feature that I had not properly appreciated is the ability to remove the insert with the router attached to it. So far I haven't been able to shim this problem away which is deadly when trying to feed vertical stock to produce tails on a tailboard. I also bought the stand, was going to build a cabinet for this table, think I may wait awhile now. Kreg PRS3040 Precision Router Table Insert Plate LevelersAuthorized Full Stocking Kreg Dealer & Free Shipping!!

Kreg PRS3036 Precision Pre-Drilled Router Table Insert Plate for 690, 890, 1617Authorized Full Stocking Kreg Dealer & Free Shipping!!
It is a breeze to quickly bring the plate flush to the table surface using the magnet-tipped thumbscrews in the levellers. MDF can be fragile to screw into but the quality of the table thickness was excellent and I did not have any issues.
This allowed me to get the lock miter cutter adjusted precisely to the correct height on my workbench, instead of having to go through cycles of adjustment while it was set on the router and awkward to handle.
The instructions for the plate drilling is very vague, you will almost have to sit the router on the place to find the hole centers for your router. It was necessary for us to move 2 years ago and like an idiot, I sold my router table and top. Kreg Tool PRS3038 Precision Router Table Level Blank Laser Engraved Insert PlateAuthorized Full Stocking Kreg Dealer & Free Shipping!!
These tables provide a safe, flat surface with a holder for a router saw to create custom pieces of wood in various shapes. Based on some of the other reviews, I purchased the aluminum insert, and was able to drill the mounting holes for my router successfully. The overall fence is not square with the Table either but this problem can be corrected with shims.
Select "Acc" below for more information on the fence and lengths of T-slot aluminum extrusions available. USAReplacement Disks - Red center disks come in 2 configurations:- #28414 - The same disk that comes standard in the router plate.

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