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The actual specific details on what resources drop where and how are not yet fully understood.
Additionally, wood is important to craft a Stone Hatchet, Hatchet, Torch and many other items, as visualized in the category Items. Assuming that you have spawned in the day time, here is what I would recommend that you do. After you have gathered: 5 stone, 40+ wood (I prefer 85+ so you can build a shelter), you are ready to start your 'life'. In order to efficiently gather some good Ol' grub, you are going to want to fancy yourself a Bow, and some Arrows. The second part is to gather some arrows so you can actually put your newfound tool to use. In my opinion, (coming from a non-pvp low populated server ~25 people) arrows are the best source of HUNTING at a low level. After you have gotten yourself some food, it is time to cook it on a fireplace in your shelter.
Whichever the server you play on, I am here to tell you that if you manage them well, it does not matter how many people will play. As we near the end of this guide, I will leave off with some tips and tricks that I found useful! Join a small server when starting out, it will help you gather resources and learn the ropes of the game. Do your crafting at night, that way you can maximize output of resources and tools during the day! When logging out, take all of your valuable items that way they will stay with you with no chance of theft! If you are lagging, press F1, go to the console command line and type without single quotes: 'grass.on false' this will disable the grass and make it easier to see, as well as easier on your system! Wooden Storage Boxes are destructible, taking 20 hits with a Hatchet or 9 hits with a Pickaxe to destroy.

The Wood Storage Box can be used as an extension of your inventory, nicely organizing and sorting your materials. Therefore wood piles are several times more efficient compared to manually harvesting trees - tools will harvest it even faster. Meaning that if you only gather wood and leave all other resources eventually there will be no wood spawning. More-so, I love to help people, so I will be creating this guide on how to start off and become self-sustaining in Rust. You have in your tool bar (The bar at the bottom) a Rock, torch, bandages (ADDMORE), unless you are playing the updated version of rust, not legacy, you will only spawn with a rock.
Some people have trouble finding rock on the first day, so they make the mistake of running around until they find some. White, which is predominately stone (Actually Sulfur) and tan and gray, which is predominately metal and stone. In the beginning there is not much use for this, however you will learn to love it, and hate it as some things in the current patch can be quite confusing.
In my mind, the hardest part is finding the initial 5 rocks to give you the stone that you need in order to make a stone hatchet. It allowed me to be safe from all monsters, and had some room on the outside to place a campfire. I played a server, Non-PVP, with about 128 people constant, and it still remained a good way to hunt and kill things, even with low spawns. To cook the food move to your fireplace, press and hold "E" choose open, and then place the food into one of the cook slots. It is both my Hypothesis and my suspicion that resources (Wood Stack, Stone, Metal) are more likely to spawn where there are people playing.
NON PVP servers are also a bonus as they provide the above-mentioned and is basically 'easy mode'. This will tell the game that you are sticking around that area, and I think it will increase the spawn chance.

Any in-game footage such as (but not limited to) screenshots and videos is property of Facepunch Studios and used solely for advertising purposes on this website. They can be placed anywhere in the world and do not need a foundation or any other items to be placed before them. I have a theory that rock is constantly spawning, and thus when you move around, it makes it hard to spawn 'near' you (While this is true, rock can spawn more frequently in some areas). I have yet to see a 'large' white stone, but have seen both small and large black metal deposits.
It didn't take long at all to climb, and it served as a good point of reference so when I was coming back from a long trip, I didn't get lost. I would suggest making food one of your top priorities and always keep a high amount in stock just in case. I have evidence that playing on a 128 cap server, there was almost no stone to be found, except when in large areas with other players. My solution to said theory, is to find other players, chop some wood, and then look around for the rock nodes. Next you will want to use the wood that you gathered to create a 'Hut' which will be used to initially store your belongings, set up a campfire, and put down your sleeping bag.
Also, for protection, I keep all my food out of storage containers in the emergency that someone stumbles upon them.Find the  boars, you want to Sprint-Smack, and repeat until dead.
They are a great way to farm, but be on the lookout - you are not the only one who likes those.

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