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Well, after 22,000 of YOU <hey, thanks!> pinned the console table, of course we HAD to put together coffee table plans for you! I ENCOURAGE you to stop over and visit Hillary and read about how she battled a wild fire to build this coffee table!
PS - Hillary is also be sharing her finishing tutorial and <gasp!> an end table plan!!!! It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion. When you drill to attach the tablet top to the base, do you drill from above and fill the holes in the table to with wood filler ? PSSSS - Did you notice the beautiful black entertainment center in the background of Hillary's living room? I think we need to complete the set on this one ;) I've got no clue how this would translate into a dining table, but if anyone can do it, Ana can!
PDF versionAdditional PhotosAbout This Project This was a weekend project with my husband, dad, and mom. I built this table using barn wood I reclaimed from a farmstead in Saline, MI which I dismantled in 2010. Clear wax used on base and bottom shelf with a combination of light brown and clear wax applied to the tabletop, enhancing the natural rich patina of the reclaimed wood. I'm fortunate to have been working with reclaimed wood for eleven years now and the outcome never ceases to amaze me once the finish is applied.

The only things that I purchased were the bracers, steel wool and vinegar and tea for the stain, and the screws.
I can totally see it -- with breadboards on the ends like a farmhouse table, 4x4 posts for legs with 2x4 Xs?
My dad builds custom homes so we were able to knock all 4 projects out in approximately 10 hours with his expertise. We dipped the paintbrush very lightly into the paint and then brushed out most of it onto cardboard until there was hardly any paint left on the brush, then applied it very lightly all over the body. Interestingly enough, during the dismantling, the farmstead served as a movie set for the filming of Cedar Rapids, starring Ann Hesche, John C. The only tools I own are a measuring tape and a pencil, luckily I have a friend with a full woodshop who helped me out. We adjusted the measurements for each of the tables according to our space and couch height. Clear mixed with a little brown wax, followed by a coat of liming wax then a final coat of clear wax. I found all of my wood either through crap piles at lumber yards or from free wood piles on craigslist. I used an earl grey tea and put on 2 coats for the whole table except for the lighter pine which made up the bottom shelf in which I put on 3 coats, I now wish that I had put on four or five to get the colors closer, these ended up lighter than the rest of the table.
Every piece of the Rustic X collection is gorgeous and I couldn't be happier as to how they turned out.

After all the cuts had been made and the table put together I sanded it by hand and then stained it.
I put on a second coat of oxidizing agent to the bottom shelf which did not seem to make a huge difference. I would love to enjoy my table but for lack of room in my 160 foot dorm room I've had to leave it in a friends apartment for now. After this had dried I took a old rag and the minwax finishing paste and went to town on the top. I put on two coats for the top and just a single coat everywhere else (CAREFUL THIS STUFF IS POWERFUL APPLY IT IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA) oh and you might want to work out for a good month if you are planning on buffing by hand, I was sore! To my dismay I woke up the next morning to discover that my little brother and his friends had spilled something on the table that ruined the stain, this was extremely disappointing, but I took it back out and resanded the stained part and reapplied the tea, oxidizing agent and wax.
The redone spot ended up close to the rest of the table but no one else could tell because it is supposed to look rustic.

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