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Wouldn’t it be awesome to find lessons for homeschool science that have really simple step-by-step guides? And, what if you could find a homeschool science curriculum that didn’t require strange ingredients? Elemental Science offers simple curriculum with step-by-step instructions AND experiments and projects with the stuff you already have at home. We are so blessed to be able to try Elemental Science’s Earth Science and Astronomy for the Grammar Stage and my children are having a ton of fun! In Lesson One, we learned about the construction of the Earth and created a model of the planet. These books are considered essential and are needed for 18 weeks but might be available in your local library.
I had some difficulty finding the Usborne and Kingfisher’s books, but was able to use an encyclopedia and located Usborne Quicklinks online. Narration sheets offer flexibility so that if your child is apprehensive about writing, he can dictate to you what to write and you can glue the corresponding picture in the box. If your children struggles to remember facts, poems are included to assist with memorizing.
If you find yourself struggling, you can always turn to the Elemental Science Yahoo Group set up to assist you in obtaining the full potential from the curriculum as well as giving you access to supplemental materials.
Elemental Science tries to present a balanced approach to science study so that families seeking a secular education can still use their curriculum.

Elemental Science has a full range of science curriculum on various topics and for various ages. Interestingly, it seems to be a gentle way to step into classical home education and has a description of Apologia Elemental Science with Sonlight characteristics. Something that tells you exactly what to say and do so that you don’t have to think about it? As they painted, I reminded them about the different layers of the Earth, our place in the solar system, and about the moon. We pretended to be astronauts traveling through space as we worked through the game at Magic School Bus and then, once back aboard our rocket ship, we zoomed all the way home using the street-level feature of Google Earth. However, if your child has more artistic tendencies, you can allow him to create the picture for the narration on his own.
However, Elemental Science Earth Science Grammar Stage has quizzes available to use each week if you choose to do so. You have lessons laid out for 36 weeks, yet you have those simple ingredients for your experiments that correlate to what your learning. Do you have a variety of materials with which to teach science, but you can't keep track of what you have? They loved mixing the flour, water, and salt, but when it came time to apply the newspaper to the balloon, I heard, “Ewww.
Be sure to visit Christine’s blog review from yesterday to learn more about Lapbooking through Habitats.

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So, each year when it comes time to pick science curriculum for the new homeschool year, I get a little bit anxious.
You will be able to take the work you do now and utilize it for years to come, while still having the flexibility you need for each new class. You'll also be able to see, at a glance, what materials you have and the skills for which you need to find new resources. Make It Easy Science Lesson Plan system incorporates maximum flexibility, while still making certain you meet all the state and district curriculum requirements. Your lesson plans will be online, so they can be available to administration and are printable, if you like to keep a written copy on your desk. To be on the mailing list for the Side Hustle email series, you need to check your email to confirm your subscription.

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