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I made the mistake of buying 2 sided dowel screws the first time and had to make a second trip to Lowe’s.
Lolly JaneAuthor at Lolly Jane BlogMeet Kelli & Kristi, twin sisters and authors of Lolly Jane. Sandee - I wish you were Kristi and got bored of your stuff a lot faster and passed this on to meeeeee!! I have three vintage suitcases gathering dust in the back of my closet, so I could not be happier to see a luggage DIY project from the talented Ashley Poskin.
Two years ago, my husband and I opened our barber shop with three basic style goals in mind: (1) Stay true to our love of vintage.
I used cheap black spray paint to go with the black tones in this suitcase; dark wood stains look really nice, as well.
I just have to ask…but are bed bugs something to be concerned with in old suitcases, particularly if they’re thrifted? You could use a spray bottle and part towel on the road by cleaning before you load it into your vehicle.
Just wash with soap and water or vinegar and water or alcohol and water in a spray bottle before bringing into the house or shop.
Awh man, I so regret not buying those sheets a couple of years ago, I wonder if I can still track them down.
I did this in a bedside table- the result has been my most favorite piece of furniture ever! I have vintage Samsonite of my grandmother’s and wonder if this might be the perfect way to display it!
Its getting more and more difficult to find the “Waddell” legs at big box stores, but ACE Hardware still carries them, or can order them for you! Comment Design*Sponge reserves the right to restrict comments that do not contribute constructively to the conversation at hand, contain profanity, personal attacks, hate speech or seek to promote a personal or unrelated business. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers.
My question is this: since adding the L-brackets will mean screws, do I need to pre-drill holes into the wood to avoid splitting the particle board? While IKEA furniture is certainly cheap and there's a proliferation of particle board, they are also usually engineered quite well.

That said, for your bed, looking at the plans, I think you'll get the most added stability by adding a short piece of 2x2 vertically as a center brace under the metal bar. As BMitch has said, it depends on the size of the screw, how near you are to the edge, etc. Softer wood, on the other hand, will be more willing to accommodate a screw significantly larger than the pilot, and using a smaller pilot hole is actually desirable, as it creates more pressure against the screw, and that means higher pull-out strength.
To have furniture that is re-assemble-able there must be a female screw receptor sunk into the particle board--preferably glued in. While this provides an alternative way to bond the materials, it does not answer the actual question and might be more appropriate as a comment. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged wooden-furniture preparation or ask your own question. How can I get my Particle-Board Cabinet re-staining project looking more professional please? Real computers have only a finite number of states, so what is the relevance of Turing machines to real computers?
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I love it and I can’t tell you how perfect it would be in my living room at our river cottage. We featured her burlap chair in our Before & After column last August, and her signature salvage style is back again in this lovely coffee table.

Our one vintage suitcase is currently slated to become a heated bed for one of our elderly cats. Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone (commenters, subjects of posts and moderators) feels comfortable to speak. Tighten them by hand at first, then use locking pliers to turn them until they're sunk about halfway into the legs, with the unthreaded portion of the screws exposed.
From signs to home decor and holiday crafts or redoing furniture in between soccer practices, we do it all all while armed with an ice cold Diet Coke. You could add some vintage postcards or sheet music for interest on a plain suitcase, or to hide a ruined area if you don’t have one with the fun stripe.
I’m looking for a similar one but not having very much luck, and I think that would be helpful. I just picked up a vintage suitcase for $5 at an estate sale and wanted to make a table out of it. Please treat others the way you would like to be treated and be willing to take responsibility for the impact your words may have on others. Disagreement, differences of opinion and heated discussion are welcome, but comments that do not seek to have a mature and constructive dialogue will not be published. I wasn’t finding what I wanted for a coffee table when a gorgeous vintage suitcase caught my eye. I picked it up for ten bucks, found some screw-in coffee table legs at Home Depot, and wa-la! I found my hardware and legs at Home Depot, but they are also available at a range of sites online.
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