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Ahead of tickets for One Direction's very first Australian shows going on sale this Friday March 2nd, a 2nd and final Sydney show has been added.
One Direction will now play another all ages show at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion on Friday April 13th, hitting the stage for a special matinee show.
Tickets for this additional Sydney show will go on sale at 9am tomorrow, Friday March 2nd, through Ticketek along with the previously announced shows for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
NINE LIVE are proud to announce the first ever Australian tour this April from THE hottest pop band of the moment, One Direction. The British-Irish vocal group, aged from 18 to 20, will play three headline shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this April. Allowing the students to explore Toontastic often proves useful in getting the students to understand how it works. Be sure the students record their voices in a relatively quiet place as the iPad picks up background noise. Doing the work in groups works quite well as this lends itself to multiple voices and more than one character moving at a time. Remind students to use emotion in their voices as the character’s don’t show facial expression to show how they are feeling. After writing a fable or myth, have students create custom characters and settings, then narrate their story. Use the characters to develop a balance of dialogue and narrative in their creative stories. Animate some reading responses that involve the interaction between two or more people (e.g. Popplet Lite is an app that allows students to create a word web, mind map, or any other organized collection of ideas. For drawing sketches with the pencil, enlarge the popple, draw the sketch, then resize the popple down to its smaller size. Create a new branch between two popples by tapping on the popple, then tapping on the grey circle just outside the popple, then dragging your finger to the popple you want to connect to. Change the arrangement (left, centre, right justified) or size of the text by tapping and holding on a word, then tapping on select or select all.
Kirsten Wallace at Steves Elementary first taught a series of lessons on procedural writing to her grade 5 class.

Another idea for a collaborative book is to give primary students a sentence starter to complete (e.g. Sonya O’Neill at Steveston London Secondary had her Spanish 9 students learn about a Spanish speaking country by researching the country and then making an ebook. When she taught at Blair Elementary, Janice Novakowski would take photographs during walking field trips and would make photo books for the class to reflect on the following day. The iPad has become a versatile tool that students can use to represent what they know in a variety of ways.
Toontastic - Students produce their own animated short story by moving pre-made characters and recording the dialogue. Click here to be placed on the waiting list so if tickets become available we can contact you. We recommend that all children under 16 years of age be accompanied by a responsible adult. The free version of the app has some built in settings and characters; students also have the option to create their own setting and characters with a basic paint tool built into the app.
Most students will need more than one trial for each scene, but rehearsing their lines will limit the number of ‘takes’. Often, students will only have dialogue when experimenting with the app, so practicing with the narrative explanations helps develop this aspect of writing. For example, student could draw the different phases of the water cycle as their setting and then have arrows and labels as characters that are brought in when each phase is explained.
Remember, the ideas can be images from a website, photos they take with the iPad, or sketches made with the pencil tool.
One could make a concept map without the adjoining words and print it off, then have the students add the words to show their understanding between the concepts. Each student was given a letter of the alphabet and came up with an idea that started with their letter and connected to Ancient China.
After selecting the characters and set, move the characters while you speak and movements and sounds will be recorded. Great for students who are reluctant writers, students who are working to improve verbal fluency, and students who want to have fun telling their story.
This app is a favourite among many students as it allows students to express their toontastic website, called toontube, dedicated online repository for publishing student creations.

Each student wrote about this topic and explained the process with text, photos, audio recordings, and video. Other students also video taped themselves speaking Spanish and included these videos in their books. Earlier, I reviewed some different screencasting apps, which allow students to orally explain their ideas. This app allows the user to draw on the photos before recording their voice for the photo (e.g. Students can add or eliminate these scenes or can disregard them altogether (if they are going to animate a non-fiction piece of work or a poem). The ebooks were shared with their little buddies in grade 1 (a true test if their explanations were clear!). At the end of the project, students did a presentation about their country by sharing the book on a flat screen TV.
Since the iPads were set to automatically sync books, the book could be put on all 30 iPads for each student to see. The below apps incorporate characters (1a,b,c) or still photos (#2-5) with oral explanations to generate a verbal and visual product. Free version gives you only 5 photos, which forces the students to be thoughtful in the photos they choose.
Whatever format they choose, Toontastic provides an alternative way for students to communicate their information and, IMHO, is one of the more versatile apps on the iPad.
The next assignment was to explain the steps to their Science experiment for the annual district Science Jam event. When their page was done, students emailed their work to the teacher who collated all pages into one book. These same criteria were used to self-assess their Science experiment procedures and make changes along the way.

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