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SimpleSeating is a new Web 2.0 product, currently in private beta, for seating arrangement and chart creation. SimpleSeating is an interesting product and it’s actually the first seating chart product I have seen. That way the application manages to split those folk who really should be, or really shouldn’t be sitting together. Oh yeah and then there’s the table layout problem if you need to add one after you thought you had the room just right. So you see pencil and paper, while they maybe fine for some, might not be Web 2.0 enough for others … or … maybe … flexible enough … either one. Can you automatically create a seating plan for an event where some people have to sit close together (at the same table) and some people have to sit far appart. The only thing I want them to think of is how to use the seat charting further to incorporate online movies or online events like a online discussion.
This seems like total overkill to me, a case of technology solving something pretty darn simple anyway!
I could see a service like this doing very well for people who are occasional planners, like people planning a wedding rehearsal. Well Kohler, this is my first time to hear such recourse available on Internet by which we can create seating charts. I own and run a website specifically aimed at people planning weddings and an ajax driven seating planner is a god send for these people.

My application is nowhere near as close to full implementation as this but I it is very much like it.
This is by far the EASIEST program I have seen… I just hope they add a lot more features to get this thing noticed.
Dona€™t forget, if you dona€™t see anything here that takes your fancy, we also offer our bespoke service - where wea€™ll create a range especially for you! It aims to simplify the process by providing its users a web-based interface with drag-and-drop functionality and easy guest management.
Along the top are six table types to add to your seating chart ranging from 4 seats to 10 seats a table and on the right you will see a guest list which shows all of your guests in their groups you assigned them to. Whats wrong with bits of paper on the floor and juggling them around until the seat plan is right.
As you say it may occasional, But I think it is not only a systematic But an economical way to save money, space. I looked this morning and it was working great and then tonight it has an application error. All of our standard designs can be re-coloured, re-worded and are personalised and printed especially for you.
I found seating chart products are commonly used for planning weddings and parties and that most solutions are desktop based rather then web based. I have no intention of taking the site down and hope to come back to it when the time becomes available.

It’s actually kind of fun too because SimpleSeating has a visual interface where you drag and drop different types of tables on your scaled room and place each guest to a seat. Simply click and drag the tables into your workspace (the grid), using as many as you need, to replicate the room where the event will be held.
This is good for SimpleSeating, however, I am curious about the demand for this type of product and how they plan to attract their target users. It’s putting them in seats, moving them, moving them again (while keeping parties of 2 or more together), tracking their RSVP status and their meal choice or other special instructions. Whether you are planning a wedding or arranging a class full of students, seating charts are often used and SimpleSeating hopes to make the creation process painless.
Unsure if this type of visual interface was new or not, I decided to research seating chart products and found many to be confusing and resembling much of what looks like Excel spreadsheets. Then click and drag each guest to a seat of a table (the guest will automatically snap to the seat). Lastly, and just to note, as you make changes to your seating chart, SimpleSeating will automatically save your work. No word has been said about pricing, but I would imagine pricing to be based off the size of your guest list.

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