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The fair benefits the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, so make sure to check it out if you haven't gotten there yet! Tea-dyed Coutil CorsetAfter much procrastinating, I've finally done an actual coutil corset! For my next corset I'm going to use one strength layer and just add boning channels wherever I need to.
I'll probably change the lacing-- either dye it purple or use more of that ribbon that I used for my denim corset. The green one has extra floral flossing detail, and all but the tea-dyed one have rhinestone embellishments. They're in the six sizes I've been using; the five standard sizes plus the M+ size for very curvy avatars. The tea-dyed one is actually meant to be a virtual mockup; I've got some coutil that I tea-dyed after (sob) my iron spit on it.
So finally I'm getting around to posting about the capelet I made for Val for the PR chat gift exchange. In the questionaire for the gift exchange, Val said she has fitting issues so she didn't think clothing was do-able. Then I hand-sewed that flowery trim (another mystery box item) over the seam where I'd sewn on the purple lace, so that the seam wouldn't be visible. I'd really much prefer to take some pictures with a decent backdrop instead of just cutting out the solid background, but nothing seems quite right.
I've got most of the modeling on this corset finished, but currently it's just got basic baked textures. It's up on the marketplace and at my in-world shop, currently in five colors (grey, black, red, navy, and purple.) I'll probably put up some additional colors too.
I finally caved and started using the Standard Sizing, largely because I didn't have any better ideas. For you seamstresses thinking I'm crazy, it's Shetland wool because I used the GIMP resynthesize plugin to create the base texture from a photo of some Shetland wool. Any other companies I mention are trademarks of their respective owners (Butterick, McCall's and Vogue are trademarks of The McCall Pattern Company, Simplicty is a trademark of Simplicity Creative Group..

I do have one of those Amazon Affiliate accounts which means I could theoretically get a commission for things on Amazon that I link if people click the link and buy them there within some period of time. The design of this press is based on an antique book-binder’s press, and the most noticeable feature is the single screw. Dave is working on developing a website to market these presses, but in the meantime you can contact him directly for more information or to order. Completely completely different and handy arrangement always makes the job of storing (Garden. Kitten to my mom's home in the pins, Craftsman dwelling plans constructing permit could also be wanted. The Hottie Cooterati's Cinema event starts on October 13, and *Perception* is participating in the Film Noir category! I've created a new mesh Femme Fatale halter-dress for the event, which will be available in black, white, checkered, and a swirl pattern.
The dress comes in 7 sizes, the 5 standard sizes XXS-L plus special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) It comes with top and bottom glitch layers, two alpha mask options, and full-perm copies of the alpha mask textures for easy customizing and combining. Standard sizing with the addition of special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) Two alpha layer options are included, as well as full-perm alpha textures for ease in combining and customizing. At *Perception* you'll be searching for a black damask blood-covered underbust corset with silver dart flossing and a dramatic tight-laced shape. This is the most detailed rigged mesh corset on the grid and comes in 7 sizes for increased shape compatibility. This is one of the items that I was working on in July and ended up temporarily putting aside in the mad scramble to get everything together for Vintage Fair. Additionally, a version in "Clear Sky" damask (aka sky blue) is available for FREE as the *Perception* Subscriber Kiosk join gift! Like all *Perception* rigged mesh, the dress comes in 7 sizes: the 5 standard sizes XXS-L and special sizes M+ for very curvy avatars and Bx for top-heavy avatars.
New *Perception* products for the fair include mesh boatneck tops (a brand new mesh!) and a new set of denim underbust corsets.
Other products available at the *Perception* booth will include mesh Shetland wools skirts and selection of underbust and overbust corsets.

There's also a dress I'm hoping to get finished in time for the fair's opening, but if Blender doesn't play nice it may have to be a late addition.
The fit is really pretty good (certainly better than on my dress form!) but I am kinda wishing I'd cinched the waist a bit more. The binding isn't as smooth as I would have liked it to be, I'm not exactly sure what went wrong there. Black Dupioni CorsetThe first of my mesh corsets are now up in-world and on the Marketplace! Tours of the Whitewater Shaker Village are a part of this year’s Woodworking in America conference. We’ve never seen a more consistent lamination process for our particular application. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. He’s been building Shaker furniture and boxes for a number of years, and recently he dropped by our office to show us a new veneer press that he is making. If you’re serious about veneering and want to work efficiently, a good press is the best method. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). That’s what makes this press a snap to use, and in order for that to work, the entire press has to be built both like a tank and a Swiss watch. In use, it only takes about a quarter turn of the screw (after the plates make contact with the work) to apply all the pressure you need. I was a cabinetmaker at L& JG Stickley for 19 years, I have seen lots of production machinery, some of it effective some less than effective. Dave has a real winner in this press.I have press number 0001 and have already gotten offers from visitors to my shop to buy it.

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