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Working on the wood lathe with a segmented woodturning such as this polychromatic vase is an exhilarating experience  for a woodturner. Once the segmented woodturning is completely sanded and burnished the dust will be completely blown away with the aid of an air compressor.
The segmented woodturning is a vase that is 6” x 9” and has 14 rings for a total of 416 segments. The pattern of this segmented woodturning was inspired by the vases created by Lincoln Seitzman.
Turned wooden bowls, vases, wooden salad fruit bowls, Here you can buy turned wooden bowls in some of the most beautiful english hardwoods, bud vases, cord pulls, cute little wooden mice, mushrooms and more..
This project is a fun one; not only because it's a good turning project but also because it's a very functional item making it great for yourself or for gifts. They can be hollowed out of a solid block of wood but in this one I chose to use the glued up Stave method and chose cherry and walnut for this one. I've been testing the internal size by sliding the coffee cup insert into it until it fit properly.
I've now reversed our blank and put its top into my chuck in expansion mode before cleaning up and then parting off the excess wood at the bottom. Next will be 5 or 6 coats of polyurethane and then fasten the Stainless Steel liner into it. We update our home page about monthly to feature a new project, a new article, and a new and hot tool. We never let anyone use our list, and our subscribers have been wonderfully loyal as a result. My first bowl of segmented  woodturning was a fruit bowl made of beautiful black walnut, cherry, and white oak. Before I cut the staves for segmented woodturning, I always practiced making the angled cuts on the 10″ compound miter saw.
As a wood turner I look back on this segmented woodturning project and remember this moment of learning this woodcraft. The Apprentice and The Journeyman University is an Online How To Woodworking Guide  specifically for woodworkers. The online how to woodworking guide is set up so that you can easily browse through the various woodworking subjects at a glance.  This offers woodworkers an opportunity learn many new woodworking ideas.
The wood art of segmented wood turning is captivating as 90% of the work is spent in designing, dimensioning material, cutting, fitting, and gluing. Part of the fun of this wood craft is the strategy used in mounting and turning the wood projects. Part of the beauty of handmade bowls such as this one is the joinery that you don’t see.
The cherry will deepen in color as time goes by and the fruit bowl will develop a nice, warm patina.
Much thanks to Bob George of the Raleigh Woodcraft store for his time and teaching on this project. The sections, or segments of wood, are formed into a ring, alternating colors, in this case, as you glue them together in a circle. This is my main workhorse that is extremely accurate, especially when using my purpose made jigs that are used for cutting the many different angles required for segmented work.

This is a general-purpose sander that can be used horizontal (as in the photo) or vertically by tipping the bed onto its side. Lathe tools shape the segmented rings of cherry, maple, and walnut and this along with sanding creates a smooth surface for this woodturning project. A wood finish will then be applied to the vase while the wood lathe is turning at a slow rpm. For the finish it has Sealcoat shellac sealer, a coat of Arm-R-Seal gloss, & numerous coats of Arm-R-Seal satin. I like to glue the bottom of the cup to the wood using epoxy and then using silicon sealer around the lip to keep it watertight. It was at this time that I came upon a woodworking magazine in a bookstore that made a positive impact on me and my woodworking.
This ongoing collection of  woodworking videos, articles, and wood projects is for the beginning woodworker as well as the experienced woodworker.
Once the wood turner mounts the wood project to the lathe chuck it’s just a matter of selecting the wood turning gouges for shaping, carefully sanding, and then applying the wood finish.
Yet, something tells me that my appreciation of this simple wooden bowl and the time spent turning the wood project on my wood lathe will deepen as well. And even more so during glue up since it is easy for me to forget which color the last piece was in the ring. To achieve the cleanest cut possible for crosscutting, I use a negative rake 80 teeth saw blade with alternate bevel. So when Ia€™m ripping strips of timber Ia€™ll use the thin blade of this machine rather than the thicker one in the panel saw. Even after the work has been through a planer thicknesser or a panel saw the accuracy improves.
One of its main uses is for cleaning excess glue off ring assemblies before they go through the drum sander. To create an even smoother surface the wood turner can grab some of the wood shavings and carefully hold it against the segmented woodturning project thus creating a burnished surface. I've cut them on the table saw, just by adjusting the tablesaw to cut my wood blanks at 22.5 degrees. On the cover of this magazine was a unique segmented woodturning sculpture by a very talented segmented woodturner, Malcom Tibbets. A wood project that provides a challenge like this also requires inspiration and there’s always the risk of failure when learning something new. As I started making this wooden bowl I realized the critical importance of getting the angles of the saw blade right for accurate compound miters. Moreover, the making of these segmented bowls requires total attention to detail along with a commitment to accuracy from start to finish. The primary goal of sharing this woodworking knowledge base is to pass on experience to those who want to take their woodworking skills to a higher level.
So, if you are new to woodworking and have been wanting to learn how to woodwork, take your time and enjoy this knowledge base.
There are other bowls that I’ve turned on the wood lathe that are more complex and more challenging.
The entire woodturning process is fascinating yet it is critically important to get all of the joints aligning properly for a good tight fit.

The process of segmented wood turning is almost like playing chess where it helps to think a couple moves ahead. After I have made up several segmented rings, these can then be sanded to an accurate size for building into the next stage of a piece. Immediately, I knew that I was seeing something in the woodworking craft that I had not seen before.
This was the time that I decided to sharpen my woodturning gouges and prepare myself to tackle segmented woodturning. There are 12 staves for this wood bowl and the angles have to meet dead-on for the bowl to be made successfully. As I look back I know that I have gained experience from taking on this challenge of wood lathe work. If you are an experienced craftsman, here’s an opportunity to share proven woodworking ideas and techniques.
All of the bowls on this page use the same woods, they are just larger as you look down the page.
This was wood art that was quite extraordinary and it was easy to see that Malcolm was pushing the boundaries of woodturning.
I created more of a challenge for myself by adding vertical spacers of white oak in between the mitered staves for this wooden bowl. All miters matched up fine, but the two outsides angles were not quite flat when laid on the surface of the table saw. Between that time and now other woodworking challenges have been created as well to add to my level of skills.
If you find value with this online how to woodworking guide, consider The Apprentice and The Journeyman University as a regular source for your online woodworking. Perhaps, it’s the simplicity of the wood design and the contrast between the cherry and walnut.
It either make it or break it time as there is no in between or margin for error at this point.
However, when you look back at a breakthrough wood project you come to understand who you are as a woodworker just a little bit better.
However, I figured that I could sand the outside angles to have the remaining joints meet properly. For me, growth can only happen if there is a challenge and the challenge is always easier to take on when there is inspiration. Anyway, there is just a warm feeling about this wood project with 11 staves and vertical spacers. It was a satisfying and enjoyable time designing, cutting, assembling, and turning this arts and crafts project.

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