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You want to allow end users to request background processing changes in Service Desk messages. You have made the necessary system settings in the SAP Solution Manager customizing, under  Configuration Scenario-Specific Settings Change Management Change Request Management Extended Configuration Change Transaction Change Transaction Types . The Service Desk colleague processes the Service Desk message by creating a change request for the job request and assigning this to a change manager.
If the change manager approves the change request, job documentation is assigned to the change document.
The Service Desk colleague displays and checks the changes that have been made to the job documentation. The Service Desk colleague updates the job documentation with the parameters in the job request.
Global Transitions Toronto will transition and transform your Service Desk from the current business model to a new improved ITIL model, in the current location or by relocating to a new location.
Don’t gamble with your IT infrastructure and make changes without a solid process in place to prevent disasters. It’s natural for problems to occur in the IT department accidentally, mostly due to unforeseen outcomes when changes or updates occur.

When your help desk software includes a capable change management module, it reduces the risk of IT problems by processing changes through a change request platform. Help desk software with a change management feature gives you greater control by tracking changes throughout their beginning to their final outcome. From the moment a change is requested to its approval and implementation, a change management process can greatly improve the effectiveness of your organization’s technical department. Change Management is just another great feature of Help Desk Premier and is designed not only to enhance your customer service but your entire IT infrastructure. ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced the general availability of change workflows for its flagship ITIL-ready help desk software, ServiceDesk Plus.
You link the job documentation to the message, to be able to trace the changes in the SAP Solution Manager. Because the IT infrastructure of any company is rather complicated, it can be next to impossible to be completely “issue free” when changes are implemented. The move lets IT teams define a systematic way of initiating and implementing a change and automate the entire process. The objective of change management is to ensure that positive changes are made and that the required changes are controlled and do not have serious impact or cause major disruption to their IT services.

You want to accept or reject the requested changes in Change Management, and document the change phases and background processing, for example, development and testing, centrally. Help Desk Premier lets you control changes from the approval process to planning, implementation and if necessary, rollback.
Customers can submit a ticket requesting a change, and authorized help desk technicians can easily convert the ticket into a change request. Most of these changes may involve some level of risk during implementation, and users should be made aware of that risk. Change workflows make it easier to initiate and execute the change as well as keep people informed throughout the change process.
The Enterprise Edition which includes help desk, asset and project management, and ITIL features is $995. Change management is included with the Enterprise Edition and available as an add-on for the other editions.

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