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If you like the idea, then this album is going to help you with the first step — deciding on how your barn door will look! The best feature of sliding doors is that they don’t consume wide areas usual, swinging doors do when they are being opened. And since barn doors have that heavy look and feel, it is definitely best to make it a sliding door. With our computerized estimating system ATD can provide an estimate on every wall, ceiling, and trim in even large homes in about an hour, the same for full exteriors. Our interior estimates break down pricing for walls, ceiling, trim, and cabinets and does so by the room. Loose and chipping paint will be wire brushed and hand scraped to a tight paint ready condition.
We caulk seams, joints, cracks, nail holes, and major wood joints with a high quality silicon based acrylic caulk.
Duramax with Crosslinking Ti3 Technology® provides the ultimate impervious bond to keep out unwanted UV rays and moisture, so your home stays looking fresher and newer longer. Look at all that wonderful caulking on both the new wood and the old - That's how it should be done. Should we ever have any other major painting projects, we will certainly contact you again. Look at the door in right corner of picture, this is what entire shed looked like before we started.
August 18, 2013 Leave a Comment Barn doors to divide interiors are becoming very popular these days.
If your budget is tight like mine, you can always get a door and add trim to make it look like barn and get the more cheap version of hardware.
The door above is a perfect example of how to salvage those old doors during your renovation. After sanding the door, adding some wooden pieces to each end to add height, and staining it, we were ready to begin the hanging process.
Meanwhile, I stuck a few things in that huge empty corner, just so it doesn’t look so huge and bare.
2 stop pieces that go into each end of the track to keep the door from sliding off (bottom right).
After prepping the door (sanding, staining, and most importantly, making sure it was the right height and width for our doorway), the first step is to install the metal brackets on the door. We also figured out that the back of the metal brackets stuck out too far on the back of the door. Without getting too close to the hole and weakening the back of it, Andrew ground down the back edge with the Dremel tool. Andrew cut the metal track using a Dremel tool to make sure it was accurate, and then sanded the edge using an angle grinder.
Once you have the door frame completed (we took out a preexisting door and frame and redid the frame without door jambs and continued the trim around the inside of the door), install the wooden piece above. Then we brought the door inside with the brackets already attached and the screws already through the casters and bolted to the bracket. To see where to put the track, we pushed the door straight up against the wall, held the casters up against the end of the bolts and added a little for clearance at the bottom of the door.

We set the door aside and first measured the distance between the 3 pieces that hold the track to make sure they were evenly spaced. We chose to slide the hanging pieces onto the track before hanging it, and then I held the track while Andrew screwed in the pieces. It was a lot longer and harder of a process than we originally anticipated, but we love the end result and think it was definitely worth it! As practical, fascinating and enticing as they are, sliding barn doors can help close off your world when you need privacy in your homes.
Sliding interior barn doors can be used inside and outside the house and among the most common of them is what’s mostly known as closet door which has 2 or 3 panels, with one panel sliding on top of another.
There are many styles of sliding barns in the market, so depending on what you want, you can easily locate one that you want.
Regardless of your needs, there is always a sliding interior barn door which suits your requirements. I know I still need to post about my trip to NYC, but can you believe that I TOTALLY forgot my camera!?!
In the meantime, I wanted to post about one of my favorite trim-work projects that my cute hubby Brett did in our home!!! We had a few extra planks from the salvaged barn, so Brett put them up vertically and then added more 2x4 MDF boards to break up the pattern into 3 squares.
With a sliding door, you don’t need to clear up space and keep it available for it to open.
This way you can appreciate the rustic beauty of your barn door without making the room seem cramped. All repairs that are included in your estimate will be done and any additional questionable wood found will be addressed.
Windows and doors are carefully caulked to properly seal your home from weather and insects. Our bed frame and dresser are really more french provincial, so I was worried that without another industrial element the door might look out of place. Eventually we want some of kind of reading nook with some shelves, a comfy chair, lamp, etc. If you use a door that’s thicker than ours, this probably wouldn’t be and issue, but see how close it is to the wood even after filing it down? We did a thick enough piece of wood that we had some wiggle room as far as where to install the track, so we just put the wooden piece directly on top of the trim instead of with a space between like the picture above.
We made a mark at the bottom of the casters, as that will be approximately the bottom of the track. Our house is sort of lacking in architectural details and character, so this definitely helps bring some uniqueness into our house! Sliding-glass entrances are also quite common and offer excellent views of your backyard from the house. The sliding doors are also more forceful and viable than swinging and other forms of conventional doors.
It’s of utmost importance that you choose a door that suits your requirements and which can guarantee you your privacy.
Formulated with MICROBAN® Antimicrobial Product Protection to fight the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

Also kudos to the carpenter for the repairs of the siding on west side of home plus the garage door casings.
It is with little time in my hands that I try to accomplish uncomplicated do-it-yourself projects to make my house comfy and my life practical. We chose to go with the more industrial track and hardware, partly because we liked the look and partly because it was nearly $400 cheaper (more explanation on that here).
Here’s what our master bedroom looked like when we first moved in complete with popcorn ceilings! We looked at Lowe’s and Home Depot and once we got past the blank stares from the employees, found out they have nothing of the sort. After working through the logistics of it all, we realized there had to be something behind the track to bump the door out from the wall a little further. We then fed the track over the casters and tried to lift up the whole thing (track and the door), lining it up with the marks.
We checked again to make sure the track was mostly level and the brackets evenly spaced, though we focused on making it look visually level (our ceiling and floors aren’t perfectly square, so simply using a level might actually make them look off.) And then we screwed it in!
The door itself didn’t look like it was hanging straight, so we fixed it by adjusting the screws that attach the casters to the brackets on the door just slightly until we liked the way it looked.
The practicality that is associated with exterior and interior sliding barn doors is amazing because they don’t need the traditional space which you mostly see on drafted floor plans. Especially where there are young children, you can manage to confine them within the home, unlike in a scenario where swinging doors are in use.
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This was just as a final check that it wasn’t going to hit the floor or be too far away from the floor. This can be attributed to the huge weight which they carry; therefore finding hinges that can support them is a hectic task. Nonetheless, there are various sizes of interior sliding barn doors which you can choose from.
However, it’s of essence that you work with a reputable installation expert as this will help reduce the occurrence of errors in the installation process. Also, they’re not attractive to look at (either for an industrial look or otherwise) so if you go with that method, you might want to hang a wooden valance over the track. There are also a lot of great designs for barn doors that are fairly easy and cheap to make yourself, plus that way you can make it exactly the size you need! Just keep in mind the door needs to be slightly taller than a normal door would be since it’s supposed to cover the opening rather than fit inside. Wow,,I work around them and can't wait to start setting some "as perfect as I can get" ones aside.
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