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When choosing a shed with double doors think about which wall of the shed you want the doors. Whether you have a Domestic Garage, Industrial Shed or Commercial Building you can dramatically improve the the security of your larger building openings with XTRA-LOK. Shed roller doors are easily broken into by determind thieves night or day and often then giving access to the home.
Commercial roller doors often only lock by a chain leaving the door to be easily jemmied up,  outwards or inwards. Double installs of Xtra-lok have saved the day in numerous ram raids and breakins saving both business owners and insurers alike. Secure your garage doors so that burglars can’t load up in your garage or unload your home contents through your garage maybe using your own car.

Stop Break-ins through the roller door, or good being loaded out through your door when the theives have broken in through a window or other access door.
Xtra-Lok is also of great assistance in High winds areas helping prevent the blowing in or sucking out of roller doors. The steel is 0.5 mm polymer, and this material is also resistant to perforation, the building is actually guaranteed against perforation for 20 years.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Suitable for a variety of applications including; Double doors, sliding doors, gatesand storage containers.
You can rely upon it to provide secure storage for a large number of garden and home equipment.

A 3-way cylinder lock brings added security, and inside it is very practical, with shelves and fittings that add to the value. The steel used in its construction is hot-dipped galvanised, and this means you have a very tough, and extremely durable shed.

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