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Apart from buying a whole new shed, extending your existing shed, garage or stables  is often one of the best solutions to the following problems and can be quite economical. Sometimes in the past I have been contacted by people who are looking for various specific components of sheds they need to extend their shed. Distributor - Great Value GaragesI was very happy overall with sales people, the product and the builder.

After considering their needs and making a list of their required bits and pieces it usually becomes clear that they can save time and money and obtain a better finish by purchasing a kit for their additions. Please speak to your local distributor to clarify if these charges will apply to your requested design. You can use them as open stables, for storage of farm equipment, or simply as a hay shed.Your farm shed is also endless customisable.

Roller doors or steel sliding doors can be added wherever you wish .Farm sheds are available in a vast range of sizes to meet your specific needs.

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