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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to run into Meg and Joe’s tiny house tour on their YouTube channel. Then I found their blog, Living Small Under the Big Sky, and was glad to read some of the inspiring quotes on living simply. After Meg and Joe finished the construction (thanks to the help of some friends and family) they were a bit fearful about moving it. Their friends- Brad Thon, David Calabretta, Jesse Johnson, and Joe contributed much to the completion of the house (specifically the siding and exterior finishing). You’ll notice that this little house on a trailer has an extra spacious sleeping loft (thanks to the use of gables and windows).
Another really neat feature is that they included benches with storage on both sides of the tiny front porch.
I’m sure you can tell that just about everything in this house was done with quality and practicality in mind.
Be sure to leave your thoughts and favorite things about this house in the comments so we can have a group conversation.
Of Course, on a part-time basis at the lake with those fabulous mountains you were going to! The sardine stove is going to look great in there, can’t wait to see your next update. As far as financing we decided to buckle down for a year and live minimally and work as much as we could. On that note the house was built almost entirely with local wood that was from a forest fires right here in Montana so its Eco-friendly. I know this seems like a lot of money to most people, but my wife and I are working class people and we had nothing saved until we decided to go for it.
I saw that Mitsubishi some months back yet I was a sucker for the aesthetics of the Dickinson P12000, but the real reason I went with it was because it was purposely designed for small spaces. As far as off grid living this house is wired for 12v and 120v lighting and outlets(inverted to 120v). With a propane water heater, stove, and fireplace, how much propane do u go thru in a month.
As for my water heater I decided on my propane unit ( and yes it’s a 5 gallon tank unit) due to energy use. Oh and if you decide to go this way I recommend an adjustable pressure shower head, my wife likes loooong showers and it helps a lot. Fastened a spreader to the floor with glue and screws then the uprights to these and to the roof framing.
We will be remodeling this trailer for framing when we complete our 20'x8' trailer with ramp door and side door.
You’ll notice this when you see the front door, interior walls, shelving, flooring and appliances.

He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. When I designed it I knew it was going to be a tank, so we paid for extra heavy duty axles. All in all we were able to save all the money we needed ($30,000), but we missed the mark for what we wanted to spend by about $10,000. I will tell you one thing, after all the stress and money passed from building this house, it was the single best decision that we have ever made.
I really love this design and would prefer not to scale it down but there is a question of cost. I spent extra for heavy duty axles and brakes, and as mentioned had parts added and removed to accommodate the houses design.
Its not only the cheapest of any composting toilets… minus the lovable loo (lets face it its a bucket), but it is smaller, better built, cheaper, and most importantly it separates your waste. It’s so nice to know that our house might give someone the push they need to do it for themselves. In the summer between cooking, the two of us having a shower and doing dishes, one 20lb tank will last for 3 months.
I may be your biggest fan and am thankful the world is learning about you both in this amazing way. I generally run cold and would need to insulate my home heavily along with having a heating system similar to yours.
We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too.
One of the things we’re most excited about is a small Sardine wood stove that will go to the left of the entry.
The cost of utilities is about 12 dollars for electric and 5 dollars a month for propane, by summer it should be far less. There were areas we could of saved a lot of that money but I figured this was my home and I wasn’t going to cut corners. Also, do you have any idea what the total weight of the trailer and, separately, the building? The trailer is rated for a max load of 10,000 lbs and by itself the trailer falls in at around 2,700. We penny pinched, ate a fair share of crap food, and stayed put, spending as little as we could. It uses very little electricity, stays cool even after the powers been off for a day, has no moving parts, and works with every energy option available. They have a partial catalog online but you can call them directly and ask about their no tilt car haulers. Keep in mind when we are done we turn the water heater completely off, as it uses more to leave it on.

All of the details you provided are amazing and so helpful as one of the writers stated above, it is often still difficult to locate these details in tiny house books or amongst tiny housers.
Hopefully we will have our solar panels by then, and we’ll only have to pay for propane. A Dickinson heater, a 3-way fridge, a Natures Head toilet, and my building material choice would of knocked that $10,000 down to zero. I am looking into building my trailer because I have enough metal to build 5 trailers and friends that weld for a living.
In the end the weight is close to that mark but I have 13,000 lb axles to bare any extra weight I might add. I have mentored young people in ways to establish a successful internet business for some years with many success stories. In fact we are writing a book about the whole process so people can understand what our experience was like. It is great to read your interview in detail around your goals, your tiny home and all of your shared information. This included having the company remove any normal parts that would get in the way (like a spare tire mount).
In fact I think I could of built the same house with other options for $15,000 or less, even more if I did all the work myself and went with reclaimed materials.
I don’t know if you can or need any of my expertise but you certainly have it if you need it! I do believe a refill is under 10 dollars this month so it’s less than a burger and fries for a months worth of energy. I also wanted to stay away from having to do bearing, brake, and other repairs that I knew a used trailer might need. The thing just looks stronger than any other trailer I could find, plus its powder coated to prevent rust. So much in fact that we decided that 3 days of work a week is enough to live very comfortably. How the whole process unfolded for us (trust me there were hurdles) and what its really like for 2 people to live in such close proximity. Chemical toilets are just nasty, incinerators are too energy hungry, and plumbed toilets are not a option if you plan on moving it. I’ve seen great trailers for half that price used, but this is the foundation of my home so to me it was the most important purchase to make.

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