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This Three-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack is an excellent free standing shoe rack for organizing shoes and boots in your closet or next to the door in your entryway or foyer.
Three shelves provide plenty of storage space for athletic shoes, high heels, boots, and more. A wooden show rack is practical as you can deposit your shoes in it and better use the hallway space. Before you start making the shoe rack, you should draw a complete plan, otherwise it would be almost impossible to build it in a professional manner. In order to reinforce the structure of the frame, you need to apply the back of the show rack. Smart Tip: Install wood plugs on both sides of your shoe rack frame, to support the covers. After you have built the  frame, your shoe rack should look similar to the one in the image.
Smart Tip: When you build the frame, you should use a L-square, to ensure that all corners of the shoe rack are right angled.
As we have already said, you can even choose not to build doors for the shoe rack, if you consider you don’t need this feature. On the other hand, you should notice the two metal pins which will support each shelf on both sides of the shoe rack.
Smart Tip: To save time and to get the things right from the very first time, you could go to your local store with the needed dimensions and they be glad to cut the plywood for you.
First of all you have to place the two pieces of 1×1 timber, as to be parallel, at a distance equal to the width of the plywood shelf. After you have placed the plywood over the wooden brackets, you have to use finishing nails to lock the two components together.
After you have inserted the nails in the plywood, your shelf should look similar to the one in the image.
Smart Tip: After you have locked the two components together, you should use a handsaw to cut the excess brackets.
Smart Tip: Continue the procedure until you have cut the brackets for all your plywood shelves, in the same manner described previously.
After you have built the plywood shelves, you have to install them inside the shoe rack frame. Remember that in the image you see the back of the shoe rack, that is why the shelves are angled towards you and not oppositely. After you have installed all shelves inside the shoe rack, you should use a hammer to lock into position the back of the frame. Smart Tip: After you secure the plywood using finishing nails, the shoe rack should be more firm and resistant over time.
After you have installed the back of the shoe rack, the piece of furniture should look like this. Smart Tip: The best option to check the angle of the corners is to use an L-square, before you install the plywood with finishing nails. If you have followed our guidelines, you should have a brand new shoe rack, which will ease the burden of organizing your house.
Smart Tip: You can place your shoe rack in your hallway or in a closet under the stairs, if you prefer the functional side over the aesthetic one. Thank you for reading our article on how to make a shoe rack and we recommend you to check out the rest of our furniture projects. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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Normally, PVC pipe hides behind drywall, but here it takes center stage as the basis for another creative DIY shoe rack. In tight spaces, such as an entryway nook, this DIY shoe rack provides a compact yet effective storage solution for shoes of any type, from lightweight sneakers to bulky galoshes.
Save floor space by storing footwear on the wall, either on the back of your closet or in a bedroom corner.
If your collection of shoes is so large that it poses a problem, Ana White has the answer: a full-blown piece of wood furniture specially designed to hold shoes for all seasons. Featuring durable, moisture-resistant construction from eco-friendly bamboo, this three-tier shoe rack can be assembled in just minutes, and each shelf can be figured as an angled shoe shelf or horizontally.
If you have too many pairs of shoes and don’t have enough space to store them properly, you can try to build a custom shoe rack by yourself.
In most of the cases, you need a significant storage capacity, so it would be better to design the shoe rack as big as possible, but to still fit in your closet or hallway. If you don’t want to buy them, you could just rent them or borrow them from one of your friends.
In addition, it is quite simple to make a show rack, provided you use the right tools and techniques. Consequently, decide its dimensions from the very beginning, as to be able to fit you needs and then order the materials. As you can see in the image, you need to build the shelves form plywood and 1×1 lumber. This operation is recommended for those who will place the shoe rack in a highly visible area, as to add a nice feature to the rack. Therefore, use four C-clamps and lock into position the two wooden boards, as shown in the image. It is essential to make pilot holes before inserting the screws (to avoid spiting the wood), therefore you should use a drill machinery and wood dill bits (make sure they are compatible with the screws you use). You can use 2 screws as well, but we recommend you to insert 3 screws, as to secure the frame better. Consequently, make sure you have installed at least 2 wood screws at every corner joint, as to get a resistant rack.
Consequently, you should use a 4×4 piece of timber and lock the corner joints, using several C-clamps. Consequently, you could install light hinges, as to be able to close and open each shelf of the shoe rack. On the other hand, you can also fasten the shelves directly to the frame with screws, but you won’t be able to remove them temporary (we recommend you to use metal pins). You can buy a less thick plywood, but from our experience we recommend you to choose the first option, as it would be much more resistant over time. Do not apply too much force when driving in the nails, otherwise you risk damaging the shelves.
Consequently, you should first install 2 metal pin supports (or wood plugs) on each side of the shoe rack, for each shelf. You could install the shelves a little angled (10-20?), as to increase the space of  each shelf.
Consequently, use a tape measurement to determine its dimensions, and go the your local diy store to buy a thick plywood. In addition, the use of proper materials will guarantee  that you will enjoy the shoe rack for a long period of time. Do not forget that you can customize the shoe rack according to your needs, so you can modify its dimensions to fit your needs and tastes.

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Control the clutter of loafers, clogs, and slippers with one of these easy and effective DIY shoe rack ideas.
Option one: Take inspiration from Jenna McArthur, who transformed a disassembled picture frame into an array of wall-mounted display racks. According to Cookie Loves Milk, the biggest challenge you may encounter in completing this project is persuading the supply store to cut the pieces. Check out not martha to see how Megan built hers from plywood and poplar, and then sanded and stained the rack for a finished look.
Best for sandals and flat-soled shoes, this DIY shoe rack involves little more than regular wire clothing hangers and string, yarn, or rope. Savannah at OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES shares the easy how-to.
The unit features differently proportioned compartments to keep your low-top casual sneakers neatly separate from your tall snow boots.
When it comes to organizing your closet and finding the right way to store shoes, there are many products to choose from. Generally speaking, building a shoe rack is a fun project, as you can use several wood working techniques, together with your design skills. Therefore, you are going to need a drill machinery with torque control, an electric screwdriver and a circular saw (or a jig saw). Fortunately, we will show you in this step by step article how to make your own shoe rack, by using our free shoe rack plans. Don’t forget to check if the corners are right-angled, before fitting the plywood into place.
In this way the corner joints will be firmly set into position, and you will be able to drill the holes in the wooden planks. It all depends on your tastes and needs, as the possibilities are virtually endless, being limited only by our imagination. Consequently, if you do not want to do a more complex project, you can choose to build only the shoe rack frame and the shelves.
When installing the plywood back, make sure the corners of the shoe rack are 90? angled,  otherwise it would look bad and won’t resist over a long period of time.
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But if your loafers, clogs, and slippers currently form a pile of rubble of your closet floor, there are many ways to corral the chaos.
Further, there were several products that were small shoe racks that stored less than ten pair of shoes.
These DIY shoe rack ideas are low fuss and low cost, plus they’re highly customizable to meet your specific needs. By moving the shoes you don’t use every day under the bed, it will free up space in the closet for your favorites.

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