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If you can find cedar (like from scrapped fences or decking) cheaply, that'd be a great material to work with. Hey everyoneHad put this project on the back burner for a little but wanted to revive it now.Just picked this up fro $40 bucks, it at one point in its life cost $400 but it was neglected and now just needs a little TLC.Going to clean it up, do some sanding, re sand and get to grillin! Recommend putting a paver under the egg and elevating it above the paver with some ceramic spacers. A liberal immature ballock grille Kitchen Added to this sphere is a warming drawer and incline burner. I just want to make something that's going to work and work for a long time, nothing fancy but it will need to look nice.

I have a komodo style cooker (same style as the egg), it is made of double-walled metal and I can touch the sides on all but the hottest cooks, like for pizza. Going to do my best to source all the material from craigslist or other second hand places. Wouldn't some kind of a heat resistant material around the inner part of the circle where the Egg meets the wood go a long way in keeping the table looking great? You'll also want to have a heat safe surface nearby to set hot pans, heat deflectors, grates, etc. A few long time ago we were approached by topical anesthetic Green Egg Dealers to get a quality tabularize to big green egg table design.

Our tables are solid cypress cock-a-hoop Green orchis Grill Table Big Green Egg grillwork Grill Bayou Classic grille Table Bayou Grill Table Outdoor Grill Table JS Designs big green egg table design.

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