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Steve, For reference you can find the plans for that bench by looking up Aldo Leopold Bench.
Part of the whirligig should operate like an old-fashioned windmill… it needs a flag in the back for the wind to push on to keep it pointed into the wind.
Oh, and conventionally, the blades should be turned around, but you can do that by removing the front wheel, repainting it and putting it back. When you posted the first video I wondered why you didn’t crank up the leaf blower to test it out properly.

I don’t see an issue with the blades but the man is holding the axe left-handed and it should be right-handed. Check out this one Shannon Bickel from Timberlake Ohio made a few years ago, based on plans in Family Handyman Magazine. He was a conservationist, avid bird watcher and author (Sand County Almanac) that came up with the simple design.
If you don’t have a leaf blower I know your shop vac has an exhaust port you can hook the hose to and use as a blower.

I had a Eagle Scout make 4 of these for use at a Nature Center that is in the park that I work at.

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