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Before you start shopping for ready made bars, why not consider building a home bar yourself.
All you need are some basic wood working skills (and I do mean basic), a bit of timber and a rough plan!
Problem was the bars were either wrong style, wrong colour, wrong shape and usually WRONG PRICE!
Now I'm not a complete fool with tools but believe me when I say I am no A-grade carpenter.
Work out your height of the bar - what ever is comfortable, do some test leaning against something and measure it. Cut and fit your top - this is not the bar top itself, but the underlying top that you see when behind the bar. Hard work done, and after sanding and cleaning simply stain and varnish the bar to suit your taste.
Some final touches, including the neon sign and a little additonal enclosed shelf on the back wall.
You will have a real sense of pride, and for some reason the beer tastes even better at your own home bar! Recent PostsDiy Sidewalk Chalk, I Might Make These This Summer Even Though I Don’t Have Kids!
Hemp is a plant that grows quickly and no chemicals are typically used when processing it from cultivation to the finished product. Maybe not a common household term, marmoleum flooring is made from natural ingredients that include linseed oil, wood flour, resins, pigments and jute.
A great shade can minimize the effects of direct sun in the summer and stop cold drafts in the winter.
Most synthetic carpets use more than 200 chemicals in the manufacturing process, so choose wool carpets instead and you have selected a naturally stain and flame resistant material due to the oils in the sheep’s wool. Commit to buying wood furniture that has been crafted using domestic trees that have been sustainably harvested according to FSC standards.

Instead of using wood trim throughout your home, choose veneer trim and use several thousand square feet less wood. Made from clay baked at very high temperatures, ceramic tile is one of the world’s oldest flooring materials.
Implementing any or all of these 12 simple steps will allow your home to become more environmentally conscious. Make It Look Like A Draw, But Have It Drop Open, Using Magnetic Things To Hold It Closed)) Wish I Was Good With Wood Working, I Can See It In My Head, I Just Don’t Know How To Use The Tools.)10 Chalk Paint Furniture Projects #anniesloanThis Is Clever, And Yet So Simple!
Although many probably never would’ve thought of wood flooring as being environmentally responsible, it certainly can be.
It is a resilient choice that also provides natural antibacterial properties that prevent microorganisms from multiplying. Not only is it durable and resistant, but also these carpets can last over 50 years or more. SJ Morse Company offers FSC-certified veneer and the core is made from wheat straw board.
It can be considered sustainable because of its longevity and its inert and odorless composition. Not only will you be surprised by the beauty of these materials and products, but you will be just as surprised by their long lasting durability that will allow your family to live green for many years to come. Wouldn't it be the perfect choice in many areas of a home including the kitchen, bathrooms or even laundry room? Hunter Douglas is just one company that offers motorized remote controlled shades perfect for these hard to reach areas.
It is best to choose a nontoxic low-VOC paint throughout your interior to maintain safe air quality. Also, there are companies now using recycled content in their tile such as light bulbs, bottles and even windshields. Put Your Pancake Batter In An Empty (small Tip) Ketchup Bottle And Make The Designs You Want!

If many homeowners take one or more steps towards a greener lifestyle, then the result compounds. Here you will find countless fabric choices for covering pillows, couches - you name it. It also comes in endless colors and combinations that include unique borders and more.
These low-VOC paints diminish respiratory problems often seen by using conventional paint types. And, besides a typical inoperable fixed skylight, there are now skywindows that are motorized so they can open and close by remote control or by using a rain sensor that will allow the window to close automatically when rain is detected. Then, if the flooring needs to have a finish applied, select a natural water-based stain and then coat with a low-VOC finish.
Installing a skylight such as this helps circulate airflow and better the air quality, thus resulting in decreased energy bills. Try glass tile which is made up of recycled glass and can come in many vibrant patterns and color shades for a dramatic look. Simple Cake Pans Paired With Candle Sticks And Wow, Versatile Storage That Can Go From Crafts To Cutlery! Other great wood flooring choices include selecting timber from FSC-managed forests, installing floors made from reclaimed wood or using bamboo flooring. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, tencel is made of cellulose, while flax is made from the flax plant. It is very attractive, comfortable and it’s harvested every decade from the bark of cork trees that can live up to 100 years.

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