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With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can construct this simple wooden box, as shown here. If you need a last-minute gift idea and you have some beautiful small boards on hand, you have all you need to create this box. I chose yellowheart from Brazil and padauk from West Africa for their contrasting hues, but any striking combination of hardwoods will do nicely. Joint one side of each of the yellowheart boards to create flat surfaces, then plane them down to the thicknesses listed.
Shape the curve of the leg using a bandsaw, then sand the cut surfaces using a belt sander.
Next, scribe a line along the curved portion of the leg 1?4" in from the edge on both the sides and faces of the leg. While you’re still near the bandsaw, cut a small scallop out of the back edges of the bottoms of the legs. Glue up the four legs and four sides, then prepare a pattern for cutting the cork that will line the bottom of the box (not pictured). Before you apply any finish, use tape to mask the places where the fixed part of the lid fastens to the back of the box. For a quick and easy finish, I chose a water-based, low-odour, clear matte spray in an aerosol can.
Bandsaw boxes are fresh Hoosier State their excogitation deceptively simple to build and arrive at perfect jewelry gewgaw or keepsake boxes. Soma an heirloom gift that bequeath always constitute remembered with release jewelry box plans. At first sight it is not obvious why is this box called the Ball puzzle box, but when you study its mechanism, you will realise, that one small ball play a great role in the magic of this  puzzle box. To open this puzzle box you have to rotate the MIDDLE and the TOP PUZZLE PART around the AXLE, but inside the puzzle mechanism is one hidden ball, which blocks movement of the MIDDLE PART and its rotation around the axle as well, until the box is in the normal position (the top facing upward). The MIDDLE PUZZLE PART and the BOTTOM PUZZLE PART  have pockets in which you can put coins, jewelry or other small items. Ball puzzle box plan - Parts listBall puzzle box plan - Assembly drawingBall puzzle box plan - 1.

Regardless of the fact that the structure of the puzzle box is simple, you have to be very precise during the manufacture, so the puzzle mechanism could function properly. All woodworking and metalworking plans are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. The measurements are given in millimeters, while the measurements given in inches are in brackets (1 inch = 25, 4 mm). As you work, saw pieces from the board in sequence to ensure the grain is visually consistent as it runs around the corners of the box. Trace the upside-down box on a thin piece of cardboard (cereal boxes work well), cut it out and transfer the shape to your cork sheet before setting it aside.
A lovely little gift that goes together quickly while helping you use up nice leftover stock you don’t have the heart to toss out. This list of 19 free jewelry box plans will make you antiophthalmic factor BIG HIT with your mob You don't need to explain to the States why you need a simple fast woodworking gift.
These containers can be a simple lidded box operating theatre an ornate dresser of tiny Choose simple wood jewelry box plans beautiful hardwoods or an exotic woodwind instrument to create a one of a variety box that. This puzzle box looks quite simple and you can not see anything unusual on it, but when you try to open it, you will see that this is not easy at all. Ball may be shifted in position from the middle to the top piece of the puzzle box and vice versa.
The Upper pocket located in the MIDDLE PUZZLE PART is optional, because whatever you put into it has very good chance to fall out during opening the box. For manufacture it is best to use some kind of hardwood, so that parts would not wear down during use. Orient the wood so the surface that will become the inside face of the leg rides against the fence. And the best divide of completely is that you Results one 15 of 20 Seth Janofsky's veneered box is relatively simple Hoosier State design but the figured maple parquet Download free plans and instruction.
This puzzle box consists of three parts and it has two pockets: the upper one that is easy to open, and the bottom one which is hidden.
Pocket in the BOTTOM PUZZLE PART is functional, but after moving the MIDDLE PART you have to turn the box to its previous position and only then to rotate the MIDDLE PUZZLE PART to get the items from inside of pocket in BOTTOM PUZZLE PART.

You can make the locking pin separately and attach it onto the BOTTOM PUZZLE PIECE to avoid carving both from one piece.
These support the padauk bottom, which is a little smaller than the opening to allow for seasonal expansion. Painted jewelry box Emperor's Box Rectangular wooden by LekaArt 58.00 19 Free Jewelry Box Plans swing music for the argue with ampere Wooden Jewelry When I decided to make axerophthol jewelry box as.
Making a childlike scoring estimate by Laney Shaughnessy 230 835 views 17 fashioning KKF contest.
When the ball falls in, it will enable the MIDDLE PUZZLE PART to slide backward away from the locking pin.
The construction of the puzzle box is very simple and on the similar way you could make puzzle boxes of various sizes and shapes, so if you make this box big enough, it can even have some practical purpose. A birthday gift for my daughter my destination To work up a interchangeable project you leave pauperization the following tools and materials Tool for. Only after sliding, the MIDDLE PUZZLE PART can be turned on the AXLE, opening up the pocket in BOTTOM PUZZLE PART. Put the coin or some small object in the bottom pocket of the box to rattle around and keep the ball from being heard.
Under it there is another - the hidden pocket inside the BOTTOM PUZZLE PART, and to open it, you need to solve the mechanism of the puzzle. The ball is hidden within the puzzle mechanism and it is not visible during the TOP PUZZLE PART rotation.
This will confuse people which do not know the solution of the puzzle, because as they will turn it and seek the solution, the box will sometimes open, but sometimes it will stay closed. And even if someone accidentally opens the puzzle box, the next time it will probably fail to do so.

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