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Sturdy and stylish custom made outdoor timber furniture that is both attractive and very functional.
If you expect it to last for life then TK Tables outdoor timber furniture will certainly do that.
All our timber furniture is solidly built with quality galvanised fixings that will ensure they will last and look good beyond tomorrow, so call us today to get started with your outdoor project.
Our timber garden furniture is made to withstand time, weather and heavy traffic so it's essential that it is also made from durable solid timbers.
We are not a factory warehouse but a small group of craftsmen that tailor build each item with care and attention to detail to produce a lasting quality finish.
We manufacture solid timber furniture to order and do not retail from showrooms as each piece is custom made for the client. Some of our garden furniture is made from recycled a€?Aa€™ grade railway sleepers that are carefully transformed into tables, seats and benches.
We specialise in outdoor furniture made from sleepers in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm thickness and of course railway sleepers. TK Tables furniture is ideal for commercial clients and we often customise existing designs to meet their needs.
Based in the northern suburbs we deliver across the broader Melbourne area, sometimes into country Victoria and even interstate. Building a nice park bench is a straight forward process, if you use the right plans for your needs and budget. Smart Tip: You need to build several wooden components and to secure them together with different types of screws and bolts. Smart tip: After you have cut the components, we recommend you to smooth their surface and edges with a sand-block. Enhancing the rigidity of the garden bench is easy, but essential for your woodworking project. After you have built and secured the components together, you should sand the surface of the bench with medium grit sandpaper and apply several coats of varnish. Smart tip: Installing a stretcher between bottom cross-braces would add support to the bench.
The measurements for the braces are shorter in the materials list than what you show later in the plans.
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You can change this text in quote box of quote section block in Biz two tab of theme options page. Our commercial picnic tables for parks and gardens are renowned for the durability and we have a large range of timber seats and wooden benches that can be made to any size.
Some are suited to make a great park table whilst the others are an elegant backyard picnic table. We build all our outdoor timber furniture to order to allow you to choose the timber seat size or table finish or even the material it is made from.
Most of our bulky sleeper timber outdoor furniture is made from a combination of 'A' grade recycled railway sleepers, new red gum, ironbark, greygum and treated pine sleepers.
Predominantly we don't build in timber under 45mm in thickness to ensure our furniture looks substantial and is truly stable and won't bow. Since most of our furniture is used outdoors, predominantly outdoor tables, we only use resilient timbers like Cypress pine, treated pine, ironbark and red gum. With a full range of styles in a variety of timbers and multiple sizes, TK outdoor tables is able to offer the best and most affordable range of solid timber picnic tables in Australia. Designers and architects love this custom made furniture as it is unique, resilient, affordable and maintenance free.
TK tables furniture is suited to households especially the garden range but more so to clubs, sporting venues, cafes, caravan parks and other commercial areas where heavy duty solid furniture is a prerequisite.
We show you how to build a simple bench by yourself in just one weekend, while keeping the costs under control. Moreover, building an outdoor bench is a cheap project, as it should cost somewhere between 50 – 150 dollars (according to the used materials ).
There are many outdoor bench designs to choose from, but in this article we show you how to build a simple bench, at a low cost. Therefore, use 2×6 wooden boards to build the front leg and the back support, according to our free plans.
In order to obtain a rigid and durable structure, we recommend you to cut the braces from 2x4s or 1x4s. Nevertheless, you can adjust the gaps between the boards, to satisfy your needs and tastes.
As you can easily notice in the image, you need to fit a 2×4 stretcher between the bottom braces of the bench. If you want to protect it from water damage, you have to freshen up these coats, every few years.
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From a unique timber seat like the one above for your garden area or a simple school bench pictured below, we take pride in all our work and enjoy building to varying client requirements. If you have an outdoor table design that you would like us to build to we can do that as well.

We are sure that a garden seat made from sleepers like the one above or a lovely dressed hybrid 'A' frame picnic table like the last photo, could become a unique show piece that blends into most garden area. We do however also manufacture some furniture for sheltered area from a range of hardwoods like Vic Ash and Tas Oak.
Beyond railway sleepers, some furniture ends up staying in its natural state whilst others are dressed stained or oiled to produce a cleaner finish. The heavy duty nature of our picnic tables means that we often need to assemble on site as some of these tables can range up to 250kg.
It is a lot cheaper to use pressure-treated lumber, but a cedar bench would have a distinguished look. Make sure you cut one end of the braces at the same angle with the pitch of the back supports.
Before locking them into position, we recommend you to sand their edges with a sand block and to cover them with several coats of wood stain.
Draw two parallel lines before drilling the pilot holes, in order to obtain a neat look and consistent results. First of all, you have to measure the size of the back support, to determine the gap between the slats.
When I say the ends should be cut at 75 degrees, you need to make a 15 degree cut to the ends. Whether it's a simple park bench or a memorial park seat the quality of workmanship remains high. Cafe tables are regularly built in 50, 75 and 100mm thicknesses to suit the location and client needs.
We even have a range of planter boxes, some of which have attached seats in the same solid styles. In addition, if you choose an area under a large tree, you will enjoy the summer afternoons a lot more than before.
If you want to customize your bench, you could adjust the angle of the back support to fit your needs (75? cut). Regarding the bolts, you can use any type of bolts provided they are long enough to go through all the components and leave exposed enough thread to tighten the nuts. If you are not after rustic and require that smooth easy to clean furniture look, we also have solid tables designs made from dressed hardwoods.

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