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When you bought your house the garage might have not been on your necessity list of things to have, but now, a single bay garage sure does sound like a convenience that you could really use. There are a variety of reasons why people like to have garages, but the most popular reason is to protect their favorite car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle from UV rays and bad weather. Laura took advantage of our last promotion "Request a Free Home Addition Design" and we designed the versatile one car garage seen here, and if you look really closely, you can see her Jeep Grand Cherokee already parked inside. Remember to use our Automated Contractor Locating Service like Laura did to find out which garage builders are worth calling for an estimate in your neck of the woods.
Many of our attached or detached garage plans have a second story loft either for storage or living space. Garages with living space at above them are growing in popularity in countries across the world. Rent your garage apartment out and make extra money by building one of our garage apartment plans. This 2-car garage features apartment living space above, with full kitchen, dining & sitting area.
House plans, home plans, house designs, and garage plans from Design Connection, LLC – Your home for one of the largest collections of incredible house plans online. Build a 1 car garage with our simple step-by-step instruction and save hundreds in design fees.

Wall frame plan and stud outlay This plan shows the placement of the studs from a bird's-eye-view. Order your Drummond one-car, two-car or three-car garage design today, and get a rebate if you order your Drummond house plan at the same time. An amazing collection of one car garage plans with garage designs of every size and style available on the market today.
Use the free Oakville Garage Plans to build your new one, two, or three-car garage or combination garage and workshop. This weeks brief The office has been filled with the lovely smell of lilacs, irises and lavender over the past few weeks.
With the estimated cost in hand and a list of the best garage builders in her area; courtesy of our Automated Contractor Locating Service, Laura had a brand new garage addition built in less than 4 weeks! Building codes here are rather strict, but the inspector did not find a single flaw in design or construction.
Sure enough, years later Laura's house almost doubled in value and Laura bought herself a brand spanking new Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. This extra-deep, one level garage can accommodate 4 cars–two in front and two behind. Laura said that the moment she pulled up to her house and realized that her fancy new toy was going to have to sleep outside, she knew that she had to solve this problem ASAP.

These floor plans incorporate a fully functional living space with the garage either on the same level or above the garage. It wouldn't be strange for a person who had bought a house without a garage, only to have one made in a later date. I have been passing your info onto these people and I am making plans to use some of your plans to do my own renovation to my cottage on the Bruce Peninsula Ontario. Finishing Attic Space above a Garage Large Attic Garage Space finishing the attic to create extra living space in your home. One bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms and four-bedrooms plus Drummond designs are available, with various garage sizes (one, two and three-car garage).
If additional living space is a consideration, you may want to opt for a garage plan with an apartment above. Carports are available in a variety of sizes and styles ensuring you’ll find the right one to suit your needs.

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