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Activating the questQuest requirements: This quest can be completed only after reaching at least level 20 and completing the main mission Dragon Rising. Depending on your liking, you can move to activating this quest at once, or dedicate some time to learn of it officially. Head to the current whereabouts of Jarl Balgruuf, speak to him and ask about the problems he's having with his kids (screen above).
In order to reach the whispering door, you will first need to go down to the basement of the Dragonsreach. Go through a couple narrow corridors, eventually reaching an old wooden door (screen above). Handing you over the key won't appear as a dialogue option with neither of the characters mentioned by Nelkir. If you want to obtain the key from Farengar, it would also be good to wait for the night to come, as the mage should head to rest then. You can complete this mission pretty much at once, as it doesn't include any fight and neither does it demand you to use any particular skills. Ask her of any recent gossip and one of the news she gives you should concern Jarl Balgruuf's sons (screen above). The only exception is the situation in which you opted for the Stormcloaks in the civil war quests and during Battle for Whiterun joined expelling Balgruuf. For that, use the stairs found in the north-west part of the Jarl's estate, in the kitchen to be precise (screen above).
Nelkir will tell you that the keys are in possession of Jarl Balgruuf and Farengar Secret-Fire.
If you want to obtain the key from Balgruuf, wait for the night to come as the Jarl should head to rest then. His quarters can be found right beside the room in which he works during the day (screen above).
You can theoretically murder him, though I wouldn't recommend doing so as therefore you would block access to other quests.
Now approach the Ebony Blade lying on the table (screen above) and pick it up at once or after reading the Admonition Against Ebony. Note that therefore you have unlocked Miscellaneous: Ask Jarl Balgruuf the Greater about his children.
If you meet all the above conditions, the Jarl and his kids should be in an alternative location, namely the Blue Palace w Solitude. Nelkir will tell you that he's been adopted and that lately he's been often speaking with the Whispering Lady in the Dragonsreach basement. From her, you will learn the Whispering Lady is indeed Mephala - the Daedric Lord of whispers. By default he should be at the Dragonsreach Jarl's Quarters, the main entrance to which can be found in the northern part of the estate (screen above).
She will also ask you to obtain the key thanks to which you will be able to open the basement door. The weapon you gained just now is very untypical, as it becomes more and more powerful as you kill FRIENDLY characters (enemies and monsters don't count). Therefore you need to use it very carefully, killing only those characters with whom you are certain that they won't be necessary in the future quests.

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