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Drop Front Desk pictured in ash with ebony drawer pulls, this Contemporary Slant-top Desk includes three locking drawers below and the slant-top locks securing the the four drawers in the pigeon-hole console.
In addition to the photos of a great project, this reader’s submission covers the process he went through creating a custom piece for his client. This commission began with a telephone call from a lady in southeastern Pennsylvania asking if I could build her a Slant-Top Desk, in Cherry, and then came that P word; PRICE. With a few telephone calls and more E-Mails back and forth with some changes in the upper unit and a few nips and tucks in the front apron configuration I received a deposit to begin work. After some deliberation she reluctantly accepted this type, and after receiving the length and height dimensions that she wanted of the unit, I submitted final, two dimensional, drawings for approval.

The next day I received a picture of a Colonial Slant-Top Desk that probably dated from the mid 1700s to the early 1800s and it thru me for a loop.
Although the lady wanted cherry I did suggest Tiger Stripe Maple, as shown in the submitted picture, at an additional stipend but the added expense, and wood type, would be unnecessary for her needs. The client would be given, from time to time, the opportunity to inspect progress and when finished, final inspection and delivery. Any way, she was astounded at the cost I had given her as she had made other inquiries and the prices quoted varied as much as $4,000.00 between shops. Finish, was to be in Shellack and bees wax with a possible light staining for color after an inspection.

I know when I watch an HGTV show where they remodel a room in a home owners house, the last few minutes of the program they do a “reveal” of the finished room so the viewers can see and hear the customers reaction to the finished product.
This lady also promised, after the piece was completed, to give me the prices as submitted by the other shops, to compare with mine. I was a little disappointed that you didn’t explain what your customer thought of the final product.

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