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The sliding door hardware that is popular now tends to have more of a modern barn door hardware feel to it.
Here at sliding door hardware we specialize in the barn door track system only so we can get you the best deal because we don’t mess with the sliding barn doors. The sliding barn door hardware does not include the actual barn doors because the shipping on a door would be ridiculous and you can find them locally unlike the sliding door hardware. Sliding doors were mostly seen in Japanese and Chinese houses but their popularity has increased greatly in recent times. Now mount the sliding door track on top of the wooden frame you constructed by using a carpenter’s level to ensure it is not placed unevenly. Mount three to four track wheels at the bottom of the door, as these wheels are necessary if you want your barn door to be opened with minimum force applied.

Once you have measured the mounted track distance, you can install the similar door tracks to the walls of the barn wall and assemble the door into the wall. You can’t beat that combo along with a wimshurst machine, macerator pump and steampunk light switch. It goes by a couple names but typically it is referred to as barn door hardware or flat track hardware or any combination of those 3. Interior flat track barn door hardware is the actual metal that you drill into your wall on which you will attach your own custom barn door. These types of doors slide across the wall and do not need any swinging space like conventional doors. Keep in mind that a door frame has to bear the entire weight of the door; hence, it has to be strong and durable.

You have to cut the wooden planks to the height of the barn door and place them on the frame you constructed.
This flat track hardware is hard to come by and can only be found online because of the difficulty of manufacturing the curved pieces of metal used to encase the bearings. Most people will put rustic barn doors inside their homes with our sliding track system that keeps the door on the outside of the wall to be visible when it’s open or closed. Double stacking the wooden board or using a 4-by-4 inch beam can add further strength to your door frame.

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