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Our mission is to preserve the historic timber frame structures of New England for future generations. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! The Smart Track System has the flexibility to recess or surface mount the upper tracks, as well as have the bottom tracks ramped or recessed.
Our patented safety Wheel-To-Track™ locking mechanism features a unique sliding clamp device that ensures panels will not leave the tracks.
The tracks can be recessed so they are flush with your flooring and can work on carpet, wood, floor, concrete, and tile. Our doors come with exclusive wheel locks that keep locking doors in place with the simple flip of a lever. The Sliding Door Company specializes in manufacturing and installing interior, tempered and laminated glass door solutions - from closet doors, room dividers to glass partitions. NikoTrack industrial Sliding Barn Doors uses enclosed monorail track and fittings that are low friction and easy to operate for door weights of up to 1600 kgs – 3,520 lbs.
The inverted track profiles protect the trolley systems from accumulations of dust, dirt and ice ensuring a smooth operation of large sliding door systems. Folding sliding door track and fittings provide a space effective solution for sliding doors, ideal for applications in patio sliding doors and partition sliding doors.
The lightweight range of NikoTrack sliding door track is ideal for sliding curtain applications.
NikoTrack sliding door track can be used to create sliding partition systems for both residential and industrial environments.
The NikoTrack monorail sliding industrial doors are designed to handle working loads of up to 3,520 lbs (1600 KGs) using an enclosed monorail track systems.

The NikoTrack has a tapered track that automatically guides the trolley to the center of the track, moving the heaviest loads only requires a fraction of force to begin movement and even less to maintain it. All fittings are zinc plate for maximum durability and protection for tough operating environments.
Heavy duty door fittings for sliding doors in wood, steel or aluminium, folding doors and harmonica doors with many panels. We do all types of restoration work, including foundation work, timber repair, roofs, siding, doors, and windows. We believe that the barns, covered bridges, churches and meetinghouses that are disappearing from our landscape are a vital part of our rural heritage and among the last vestiges of true master craftsmanship.
This incredibly strong lumber is used to remodel or build elegant new homes and offices which desire a historic feel.
Most importantly, it has the ability to interlock multiple channels to accommodate an endless configuration of panels within an opening. For thick shag carpeting, however, we usually place a silicone coating under the rails for additional sturdiness. Niko offers a complete range of installation fittings and track sizes to meet extreme working conditions for heavy industrial and barn door applications. With applications ranging from agricultural to aircraft hanger doors and numerous industrial door for applications, Niko Track offers a complete engineered solution.
Also NikoTrack folding sliding doors have been used in factories, workshops, and even schools for separating classrooms. NikoTrack has had applications in movable walls, sliding partitions for segmenting work areas and dividing rooms.
NikoTrack industrial sliding door track and all components are electro galvanized to meet tough working environments for both inside and outside work areas.

Tracks are available in 6 meter length (19.70 feet), they are cold rolled with tapered sides designed to center the trolleys, prevent dust build up assuring smooth transfer of trolleys.
Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Of Diying A Sliding Door Hanging Sliding Door Track Hanging Sliding Doors Hanging Sliding Door Hanging Sliding Door Rollers Sliding Barn Doors Hardware Bypass Closet Door Track Closet Door Tracks And Rollers Hanging Barn Door Rail For Sliding Door Sliding Door Rails SystemJoin the discussion on this Of Diying A Sliding Door Hanging Sliding Door Track Hanging Sliding Doors Hanging Sliding Door Hanging Sliding Door Rollers Sliding Barn Doors Hardware Bypass Closet Door Track Closet Door Tracks And Rollers Hanging Barn Door Rail For Sliding Door Sliding Door Rails System using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. It is the goal of Knobb Hill Joinery to preserve these important structures and restore them to their original grandeur. Mine were supported from above and it turned out they were held up by a screw which would gradually unscrew under both the weight of the doors and (I assume) the age of the hardware--they were original to the 1970s build.
The trolleys, track and fittings systems are maintenance free, electro galvanized, modular and simple to install.
NikoTrack sliding curtain track and fittings have been used in PVC strip sliding curtains, sliding curtains for welder stations, sliding netting in gymnasiums, and sliding theatre curtains.
Reclaimed beams serve as a solid foundation in new construction and recovered planks transform into stylish hardwood flooring. I was going to replace the rollers when I realized that the stucco of the building invaded the track in the spots where it was sticking (which was barely noticeable since they were painted the same color and the lift was a millimeter at most). When the door got difficult to move I would have to get on a stool and tighten the screw and then they worked well for a month or two.
Its German engineering syncs up doors for uniform closure, so that one slide sends all doors into perfect alignment. Pollutants and deforestation have lessened the strength of modern lumber, but reclaimed antique timber grew slower with tighter growth rings that have with stood generations of heavy farm machinery and catastrophic storms.

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