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Aluminum sliding patio doors are generally used in contemporary homes or can be used in additions or when only one door is being replaced in order to match the existing windows and doors. Vinyl sliding patio doors offer improved energy efficiency, lower maintenance and greater versatility over Aluminum.
The vinyl sliding french rail patio door was specifically designed to replicate the look of a wood French door. The fiberglass sliding door comes in 2,3 or 4 panel configurations and is available in standard and custom sizes to fit virtually any opening.
Fiberglass swing doors come as swing-in or swing-out and are available in 1,2,3 or 4 panel configurations.
A Vancouver, WA custom window and exterior door company, providing design and installation services to the greater Portland, OR area for over 30 years. As a trade ally of Energy Trust of Oregon, we can help you with cash incentive and state energy tax credits for improving the energy efficiency of your home.
At Modernus, we strive to push the envelope of modern design and bring style options to our customers they may have never considered.
This purple sliding glass door is just one of the color options of available glass sliding doors.
All of the built-in features in the All-in-One Revit Bi-Fold & Sliding Door Family were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the advanced parametric capabilities of Revit. The Wall opening doesna€™t get that much attention with normal Door Families as you might have experienced.
To transform the Bi-Fold Door to a Sliding Door is for you just one click, thanks to the advanced parametric functionallity of this amazing Door Family.
The correct Rough Opening is the basic functionality that you await from a good Revit Door Family. You can setup various Wrapping options within the System Wall Family, but this is just the half way to get the exact detail you really need. The Sliding Door can be adjusted to a Frame based Sliding Door System which means that it has a surrounding frame and slides within this frame.
The parametric Panels adjusts automatically to the clear width as well as number of Panels you specify and various Parameters let you adjust the Panels (Thickness, Frame Dimesnions, Glass, Material, etc.) exactly to your project specific requirements.

Having the Sliding Door activated, the Frame depth adjusts automatically to cover all Panels. As soon as the Bi-Fold Door is deactivated, the same panels transform seamingless to a Sliding Door, keeping all the settings like Frame Dimensions, Materials, etc. Whether you choose sliding or hinged, single panel or multi-panel, patio doors are an important feature of a house and one of the most used doorways into the home. These architecturally styled doors give you a look that you simply won't find on other vinyl doors. Glass rovings and mats are pulled at tremendous forces through a resin bath and a series of dies. Our new line of frameless glass sliding doors is part of our frameless glass series of doors which feature both swing doors, sliding doors, barn sliding doors and fixed panel systems. So you can create any kind of Bi-Fold or Sliding Door & Window with just one single Family that you cana€™t do with any other Door Family. The built in fully parametric Panel system lets you create any Bi-Fold Door or Sliding Door System you need for your Project.
The Frame adjusts automatically in its Position to the Panels as well in its Depth by switching between the Bi-Fold Door and the Sliding Door.
One and the same Panel transforms between Bi-Fold and Sliding Panels, and this with just one single Parameter to change. The Panels are fully parametric and you can open and close each side separately from eachother.
If the Rough Opening is 100% correct, you can trust to use it for your construction as well as detail documentation drawings. With just one click the Sliding Door can be unlocked from the Frame to slide beyond the frame. If the Bi-Fold Door is activated, the Frame depth adjusts automatically to the Panel thickness and the Guiderail for the Hinge-Bolts is shown. This Feature can of course be disabled so that the Panales slide independantly from the Frame. With just a few clicks a corner element can be built either with or without vertical corner post.

As our All-in-One Families are in use in more then 100 countries worldwide the Symbol lines can even be adjusted to your local standards.
Design and style are important, but a door also has to have the ruggedness to hold up under heavy use and in all types of conditions.
In Elevation, Symbol Lines are shown automatically for the right Panel System and adjustable to your local standards. You can define the clear opening as well as the number of panels you want and the parametric functionallity does the rest for you. When the Sliding door slides beyond the Frame, the wall pockets are automatically activated to form a niche or a pocket as soon as the Sliding Panels are within the Wall Area. The end result: a door system that is impervious to water, cold, heat, insects, salt air and ultraviolet rays. This is the first time that you can get all the Patio Doors you need with just a few clicks.
Pultruded fiberglass doors are covered by a full lifetime warranty, including glass breakage. They all follow exactly to your requirements, and you dona€™t just get the Doors you need but you use just one Family and keep your Revit Project efficient and your Door Content easy to maintain. Standard factory finishes will never crack or peel, but if you require a custom color, fiberglass, unlike vinyl can be painted. The interior choices include a natural wood Douglas Fir or Mahogany as well as a painted white factory finish. Multiple color and grid options make it a wonderful addition to any home, from traditional to modern.

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