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Big 12, You dont think it will be an issue since it will still be touching without the expansion gap.
If it is engineered in any direction it can be installed tight as the expansion is minimal at most engineered flooring.The jobsite must be in living condition though. Furniture maker Austin Aaron and his Dancing Grains Woodworks create these sliding barn doors from salvaged wood recovered from demolition projects in his local Boulder, Colorado area.
The reclaimed wood is mounted in a hand-welded raw steel frame and hung from a heavy-duty, metal barn door rolling track. The wood is a wide plank with manufacturer recommendations that the wood is to be glued down with construction adhesive plus nailed down.

I've had the same issue with a Brazilian Walnut prefinished floor that I had to glue in a condo.
The rustic doors are a perfect solution for closing off a dining room, study, or work room. I have an installation I am doing where there are two large sliding glass doors that the wood flooring is going to meet up to. One side will be against the door track, the other will be against brick that I plan to undercut and slide the wood under. I used cork for acoustic insulation, glued it to the slab and then the wood to the cork the next day.

Usually I will use something like a small shoe molding or something to cover the expansion gap but not sit higher then the metal piece. In my case, the slider was higher than the floor, but I'm guessing that it being flush shouldn't be a problem.

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