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Landscaping your backyard is one of the brilliant ideas to transform your backyard into a useful area for families and friends.
If you feel that your backyard can be used constructively, then there are many ideas that you can follow for planning a backyard design. Yay!  You’ve build and hung a gate!!  And now I can go to bed.  Sheesh that was a long one!!
I have just recently acquired some tools and I was going to hire a contractor but after seeing you article and how you did the job yourself 11 years ago, I am just impressed and you have inspired me to try making the fence myself. Vegetable landscaping is one of the best ideas that will not only create a beautiful setting for your backyard but will also give you fruitful results. You can also convert your backyard into play areas by planting structural elements like slide, tents etc.
Basically, the backyard design can be classified into official landscapes, casual ones and British backyard landscapes.

Raised bed gardening and vertical gardening are some of the popular themes for designing backyards. Creating garden zones in your backyard or creating container vegetable gardens is a surefire success.Backyard Makeovers - Dream MakeoversThere is a vast selection of backyard makeovers ideas that provide you backyards beyond your imagination.
You can make outdoor showers for a refreshing backyard treat for you and your family members. If you are fond of cooking, then your backyard can be converted into outdoor kitchens or a barbecue area.
Backyard gym, backyard free and party hall are some of the ideas for innovative backyard makeovers.
While planning to do makeovers for your backyard, first plan what style you want to adopt and check the total cost of the makeover with the engineers before starting the project in order to prevent any wastage in the future.Backyard Design Ideas - Unique IdeasAn outside wall art can give a distinctive taste for your backyard.
You can also consider growing outdoor running plants like ivy, rose, or any other type of wine.

You can also landscape your backyard with ornamental grass, bamboo etc, and the maintenance cost of both of them is extremely low as compared with the other varieties of plants.
You can also create cascading waterfalls, fountains, beautiful patios and walkways to your backyard to give a professional touch.
Pool side landscaping and planting a slope or hill side are also some of the breathtaking backyard design ideas.

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