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Many greenhouse gardeners eventually find that they need more growing space than their present garden greenhouse can provide.
Another way to gain space is to build a second greenhouse, but the best method of gaining growing space is to expand your present house. Another method of expanding a rectangular house is to remove a long side wall and join a second house at that point, keeping the wall open. Above all, be certain to check your local building codes — greenhouse expansion may require a new permit. Having a greenhouse at home is an increasingly common way to nurture plants and to protect them from harsh weather.
For some gardeners, a home greenhouse can allow them to grow plants and flowers that they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to grow in their climate.
Forest Garden Mini Timber Greenhouse: The Forest Garden Mini Greenhouse has two independently opening lids and two doors offering the ultimate in grow-your-own flexibility. Delivery and Payment InformationThe delivery schedules quoted on our product pages are Working Days and intended as a guide only.
If the product you have purchased has an assembly option and you choose to take this assembly service then the delivery and assembly will not usually take place on the same date. Orders placed during a weekend where next day delivery is stated will usually be delivered on the following Tuesday. Took two weeks to arrive when other suppliers seemed to offer delivery within one week - in-correctly as it turned out. One quick way to gain space is to install a cold frame or a hotbed adjacent to the greenhouse area, but these devices have limited uses and will serve only as stop gap measures.

Some garden greenhouse styles, such as the geodesic dome, defy addition unless you alter their basic shape. You can leave the adjoining wall intact, installing a door in it for access from one greenhouse to the other. Also, examine your present facilities for heating, water, electricity, ventilation, and any other system you want extended into the addition. Starting a few seedlings indoors can make it easier to get a spring garden started when it gets warm enough outdoors, but it can prove difficult to start a whole garden that way. By using a greenhouse, they can keep their flowers safe from the winter weather in order to provide cut flowers for the table even after the first frost has killed off many of the outdoor flowers. Flowers that need a consistent heat or a high humidity level often flourish under greenhouse conditions. If you have ever been interested in having an easy to construct and easy to care for hobby greenhouse you will love these. Schedules are based on our experience of what is the approximate AVERAGE delivery period of the relevant supplier. The independent assembly company will endevour to complete the assembly within 7 working days of delivery. Parts were missing on delivery but quickly rectified and the instructions were soaking wet otherwise - great product when its built! This type of addition gives you two separate greenhouse environments that you can operate at different temperatures; you can have both a cool house and a warm one at the same time. In just about any climate, there are a number of reasons why having your own, small greenhouse is a practical way to give your gardening projects a boost.

A greenhouse can supply seedlings with all the sunlight they need while protecting them from the cold weather.
For herb growers, a home greenhouse can make it possible to grow herbs for most of the year, providing fresh herbs for cooking during months when they would otherwise not have been available. This greatly expands the type of flowers that a gardener can grow, adding interesting specimens to the garden. For more information please see Terms and Conditions of supply with particular reference to: SECTION 4 and 5.
Many Delivery Drivers (but not all) will help to move items beyond the kerb but at Kerb Side goods become your responsibility. It is very important that all parts are checked and verified before the independent assembly company arrives to carry out the work as failure to do so could result in unnecessary delays once the company arrives.
Bank Holiday Weekends: Next Day Delivery Orders received over a bank holiday weekend will usually be delivered on the following Wednesday. Lean-to greenhouses can be extended at either end, up to the length of the supportive wall. With some simple shelving or bakers racks, even a very small greenhouse can be used to start hundreds of seedlings to fill a flower garden.
The Forest Garden Mini Green house is a great accessory for the Grow-Your-Own enthusiast or the amateur grower!

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