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Raised beds with mixed planting, hardwood decking, artificial easy lawn grass, summer house by rooms outdoors, cedar decking and screen.
Relaxing urban oasis, a place to work, study and entertain, a modern garden for all the family. I originally started this post as a debate between formal and informal garden design, and after uploading over 30 images, I realized there really isn’t a debate to be had. Love these gardens, very inspiring as I’m looking for some inspiration for our garden!
Modern London garden design, low maintenance artificial grass, smooth sawn beige sandstone paving, raised block paving walls, hardwood privacy screen trellis, balau hardwood floating bench, block architectural planting. Disclaimer: Please note that some images used on our website are property of their respected owners.
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Both formal and informal gardens are so incredibly beautiful that I can’t pick one style to prefer over the other. The clean lines and simple elements transfer well, especially when using materials like slate and concrete. We have placed source to each and every image so that you can know where image came from originaly. Right click on the image to download selecting save image as, then you will select a title.
Hedges are kept neatly trimmed and clipped. Common elements include fountains, statues, arches, ponds, terraces, topiaries, bosquet, and parterre.
Honeysuckle Life® is my creative outlet for my adventures in my garden, home, kitchen, and travels. Feel free also to browse other images within our small modern garden design category, as those are best images about modern garden design that could be found online.This is image source!

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