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I'm going to discuss various business structures available in the USA, including Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, LLCs, S Corporations, and C Corporations, and the differences among them. What I have to offer you is an e-book about Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, LLCs, S Corporations and C Corporations. If a concept can be fully explained in detail on one page, then it should be explained on one page, not on ten pages full of filler content. What I have to offer you is a guide with 57 pages of pure information specifically on the topic of which business structure to pick given your particular situation.
They do everything they can to make sure they pay as little taxes as legally possible, while making sure their assets are well-protected from people looking for an easy lawsuit. So if you already have substantial income or planning on making money with your new venture, you need to start doing what the rich do -- structure your business, your assets and your liabilities in a way that allows you to safely accumulate wealth.
Once you open my guide, you'll immediately learn if it's better for you to pay self-employment taxes (by using LLC) or pay yourself a salary (with S corporation) or go with double-taxation (C Corporation).
You'll be able to look at your current situation, at your business and your assets, and check my guide to see which structure best suits your needs and allows you to pay as little as possible in combined personal and corporate taxes. You'll also discover a few instances when it makes sense to stick to a Sole Proprietorship covered by an umbrella liability insurance policy instead of forming a separate business entity. In just a couple of hours from now you'll have a clear understanding of which business structure you need. My guide covers all 50 states and lists a great variety of situations to make sure that you'll find the solution that covers your specific needs. It's a real guide -- practical, not some sort of a book that you see in bookstores for $12.95 with 300 pages of nonsense. Because it's an electronic book (e-book), you'll download it right away -- there is no shipping cost and no need to wait for it to be delivered. Once you download the e-book onto your computer, you can read it on the screen and even print it out.
Another benefit of using e-books is that it's actually cheaper to print out an e-book (in cost of ink used by your printer) than it would cost for you to pay for the shipping when ordering a regular book. And since you can read the e-book on the screen before deciding if you want to print it out, your cost of delivery could effectively be $0.

If my guide doesn't answer all your questions, then I will refund your money upon your first request. And if you tell me what you think is missing in my guide that would be useful to other people, then in addition to refunding you, I'll do the research myself, update the guide, and give you a free updated copy as a thank you gesture.
Besides, forming your business correctly will save you 10 to 200 times the price of this guide in taxes this year alone.
The Incorporation Master's guide is not offered anywhere else -- neither in bookstores nor on other websites. Also, for some reason, people keep calling or emailing me and ask if I'm still selling the Incorporation Master's Guide. Because I get close to 20 such inquiries per day, I want to post this note and assure you that this website is active and I'm still offering my guide. In any case, if I ever decide to stop offering this guide to the public, I'll take the page down completely.
Order Incorporation Master's Guide from Vast Publishing, the only company authorized to distribute my guide! But are you sure they provide you with all information so that you can make the choice that is most beneficial for you and not for them?
But do they teach you how to play those games so you can win or just so you can spend more money at their establishment while thinking that you are going to win? So if you are making your decision about which business structure to form based on what you've read on a website of a company that offers to file your incorporation paperwork, then you are no better off that an amateur gambler at the casino table right after taking a lesson in gaming from that same casino. So that you can form a legal entity which really allows to save on taxes and shield you from liability.
You'll know which one can save you the most on taxes (and there are huge differences in taxation of these entity types). So no matter where you are located, you'll be able to find all the information that you need. It describes all the differences among those business structures regarding taxation, acquisition, financing, transfer, exit and, of course, liability. This way you'll get it without having to pay for the shipping cost of a physical book, and toolroom lathessmall benchtop cnc lathesnail drills lathesclark metal bench lathes ukold delta rockwell lathesebay hong kong on car brake latheslathes for sale birminghamused colchester lathes for sale flused metal lathes daytonused workshop lathes in irelandmini metal lathesused wood lathes for sale ontarioold hobby lathesmini metal lathes second hand for salemetal lathes canadaused metal lathes arizona2nd hand lathes for sale in irelandmyford lathes for sale australiaused turret lathes for salewood lathes for sale craigslist sc and ncemco maier manual lathessecond hand sealey lathesmulti spindle copy lathesfox wood lathesbergeon lathesused toolroom lathes for sale australiabench lathes uksmall gear head bench latheswood lathes for sale canadayou'll have access to all information immediately. You'll know the pros and cons of all alternatives, and you'll be able to pick the best legal structure for your location and situation.
You'll be ready to file your paperwork knowing that your legal entity is going to be structured the best way possible.

Put it into perspective: years, even decades into the future -- and you'll begin to see that is a very small investment. And if you ever lose the e-book file, you can re-download it again without additional charges. In just a few minutes, you'll be reading my guide and making the decision about the future of your business structure, instead of waiting for a book to be delivered. So I ever change something in the e-book or add more instructions, you'll be notified via e-mail and get the updated copy without any additional charges. If you don't think this offer is more than fair, then please give me a call to tell me why.
I am basing those estimates on the national average of the difference in the taxes paid by small businesses registered as C Corporations, S Corporations, LLCs and Sole Proprietorships for the tax year of 2008 (totaled up and paid in 2009). As I mentioned above: if after reading the Incorporation Master's Guide you are not able to clearly decide which structure to form without any doubt, then I'll refund your money to the penny. So please rest assured knowing that the website is active, current, and the guide is still being sold. If you need any help with your order or if you have any questions then don't hesitate to call me at 302-476-2625.
When I was creating my guide to help you quickly learn about business structures, I made sure to write it in a simple and condensed style. My writing is meant for people who are interested in using their energy to make money rather than spending time on administrative tasks (which still must be done, but can be done quickly).
You'll be kept up-to-date even when the introductory period ends and the price of the e-book goes up. How much you save depends on your specialty and the size of your business, but in any case, you will recover the price of my guide many times over.
Order your copy now, so that you don't miss out on all the tax savings afforded to you by law.

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