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This project is a meld of form, function, economy, necessity, learning, dreaming, engineering, and creating. So I know there are a lot of pallet tutorials but I've never found any really to be truly free or obtainable. In order to create more storage space and surface, to hopefully unclutter our kitchen island, we were looking for a wide bahut.
ABOUTI've seen a few instructables on creating Viking Chairs from a single piece of wood, but wanted to look at building them from easier to manage 2x4s.
As it usually goes in life, once you move into a new kitchen a need for a bar stool arises.
My girlfriend always told me that she wanted a standing jewelry cabinet with a mirror door.
My girlfriend Wanda just moved from an apartment with a dry balcony, because the upper neighbors balcony was her roof, to an apartement with a balcony without a roof. My life often to move to stay in others city by city, changing new apartment and move things to new apartment is a tried job.
As we geared up for the new school year last fall, my wife and I realized that we really needed a writing desk for one of children to use. I visited Istanbul on Jan 2016 (hence the table name :)) and I brought in my suitcase a wooden cookie that I got for a few liras.
My room is kinda small, and very full, so I designed a book case that could fit more of my books without taking up so much space width wise, and when I move it can work as a regular bookshelf if I want it to. Hi everyoneOk My mate keeps asking me for a coffee table and asking and asking and this is what i made him ,he has a small granny flat so had to be small.
IMPORTANT NOTES: I am giving these instructions as an amateur who simple wanted a game table a did enough research to pull it off. I've been fascinated by Gregg Fleishman's CNC chairs for years: such a clever idea, to carve from a single sheet of plywood a fully functional chair, with effective cushioning and back support, not to mention tremendous style.
The idea of this Instructable is define a few steps, so you can make your own CNC furniture. Since I mostly had plywood lying around, I'd thought I'd try and see what a plywood inlay would look like. My wife and I found a discarded, damaged vintage sewing stand on a neighborhood street curb and thought it would be good for something, but what? Let me start off by saying I have very little experience working with wood, besides building fires. The Great Room is long and narrow and anchored by a baby grand piano at one end and the fireplace at the other.
For furnishings, we kept the homeowner’s sofa and loveseat and added a patterned chair and ottoman, a new media cabinet, and end tables. There was not a Foyer so we added a small vignette by the front door that included a chest the homeowner found at a local furniture store, a decorative mirror, and a beautiful lamp. The Dining Room was furnished so we brought in a beautiful blue for the walls and a softer shade of blue for the ceiling.
These homeowners love to entertain and have done quite a bit of it since we completed the project.
TestimonialRobin's Nest Interiors has quickly become my favorite "go to" place to shop for my home or gifts.
Testimonial“When Rhonda and I decided to update our house, Robin Cole took what could have been a major headache for us and made it look simple. Moving from the East Coast to the West shined a different light on all of my furniture and accessories but the design budget did not allow for a complete overhaul. There are many Annie Sloan paint experts online who are generous in sharing their tips and triumphs. Not blessed with a green thumb, I had no idea how to approach the design of my newly-acquired petite garden. I knew the garden needed a feature centerpiece in the front so I scanned Craigslist and found a used Schwinn bicycle that mimicked the lines of more classic models of the past. A wine crate I bought at Home Goods last year is strapped onto the back rack for an ideal spot to showcase potted flowers.
These inexpensive TV tray tables are just around $20 and they disassemble easily and store flat. I am finally moving into a beach cottage or at this early stage, I should probably say beach shack. In the next few months, I’ll share my twist on chic and smart design ideas, storage solutions and garden design tips as I try desperately to stay on a very tight budget without sacrificing style. The first thing I did was have the wall removed that separated the living room from the dining room. I move into the house in a few weeks so I am painting the shutters Benjamin Moore Essex Green. From coffee cups to baby bibs, the Rorschach-inspired inkblot seems to be saturating the design landscape. I was slow to jump on the inkblot design bandwagon until I fell in love with a silk paint-splattered skirt designed by Tibi. My mother handed down this vintage gold chaise lounge, which needed a modern update to fit into my decor.
The trick is to water down the fabric paint using 3 parts paint to one part water, otherwise the paint is too thick and it will make the finished texture too stiff when dry.
Trying to keep this project on a budget, I taped together 2 pieces of foam core board down the center so it can easily fold onto itself.

You will be able to see and feel the center fold of the foam core board through the fabric. Trying to live “large” in tiny digs has meant surrendering a size-ist attitude toward my space. I love giving these as gifts to my lucky friends with fireplaces and I keep one on a coffee table next to my candles. Once you’ve got the right consistency, use a spoon to place a good dollop onto the bottom of the votive holder.
The trick is to use strike-anywhere matches that you can buy from places like Ace Hardware. Keeping on a tight entertaining budget, I used leftover gold spray paint and gold sticker seals from the office supply store to embellish the color and architecture of the frames.
Two of the shades came with what is called a “slip uno fitter,” the internal ring that sits underneath the bulb and holds the shade in place on the lamp. My color scheme for the cocktail bash is pale pink and gold and this paper banner has the perfect vintage pink hue and letter font I was searching for.
Because every storage inch counts, I made sure these three lamp shades stack compactly on top of each other before I brought them into my space. Vintage blankets (Swiss, French, Italian are my “style” faves) are very affordable (ranging from $25-$75), but be warned; they are usually stored with mothballs, and you have to spend time hanging them in the sun and in the fresh air to get the odor out.
Now, my vintage military blanket stool “stands at attention” in my apartment and I love it!
I have this fold-able coffee table design in my mind, but I lack the power tools to build it. So wife wanted to buy one but a cheapskate that I am, I told her that I'd build one that was cheaper and more sturdy. Given that the school year had already started, I saw this a challenge to build a project very quickly!! Be aware this is my first INSTRUCTABLE some things i have missed out but its a basic project , also i had every thing in my shed . All the pieces were used in making this bench including the head board, foot board, side rails and mattress slats. Hopefully this instructable will be inspiring and informative to any weekend worrier who's eager for the next fix! I love looking for inspiration in nature (and there's plenty of it!) and attempting to mimic or augment that just to see if it'll look cool.
Even if you do not have a separate Foyer, it is still important to set the first impression by having some sort of vignette that welcomes guests into your home. There was one single window in the center of the wall so we added double width panels to trick the eye into thinking the window is larger.
We used a fabric that the homeowner had loved, purchased, but never used to make a valance for the Breakfast Area window and over the Kitchen sink. We are now working on “freshening up” the Basement so be on the lookout for Part 2 of this Louisville Nest! In addition to Robin's expertise in interior design, there is also an exquisite selection of home decor and accessories, beautiful artwork, charming lighting, luxurious throws, unique pillows, tables, chairs and more.
I had two green leather chairs that now looked out of place in my beachy California cottage. When I moved in, the grass was dead and buried, the one fruit tree in the front was hanging on for dear life and weeds were the only thing growing in the flower beds. I swapped out the black racing seat with a vintage green and white Schwinn saddle I found on ebay for $25.
I live in a high traffic area so I did lock the bike to the tree and stripped all of the gears off to make it less appealing to sticky fingers. Props, pillows, furniture, vintage accessories, paintings and one-of-a kind handmade decor featured in my book, magazines and on television will be on sale this Saturday, November 15 from 8-1.
They only come in the color black so I spray painted the table to match my Jonathan Adler orange throw. This renovation is moving at a snail’s pace but sometimes you just have to surrender to the design gods and be patient. It’s only a few blocks from the beach and beyond its faded exterior and bad wall-to-wall carpeting, I see its design potential. This cottage is my next design lab so there may be hits and misses along the way, but sometimes you learn more from failures than successes. It blocked the sunshine coming into the living room and obstructed the natural flow of the space.
I decided to create an inkblot pattern with citron fabric paint to stand in contrast with the traditional lines of the chaise.
Stretch your fabric over the top of the board securing the salvaged edges onto the back with masking tape.
Put your watered-down fabric paint in a squeeze bottle, which will give your design some extra control. I live, work and entertain in my petite floor plan as if it were a grand, well-appointed home. Spread it around with the back of a spoon so it covers the bottom evenly without dripping over the sides. A match and strike holder like this one is a petite accessory that will give your home a big style boost without taking up a lot of valuable real estate.

There was a collection of abandoned lamp shade frames that had seen better days but were structurally perfect.
This added instant drama without having to use pesky glue or tape and the look could easily be changed for the next soiree. DO NOT put them in the dryer or have them dry cleaned because the heat will only lock-in the smell.
We have many cheap, chic decorating ideas if you are on a budget for your apartment, home, office space, kitchen, bathroom and even your dorm room.
Lately i restored an old cabinet and here are the various steps i followed to give this old fellow a facelift ! All the information in the video but if you want even more, follow all the steps and check out the whole description and pictures of the details.
I needed a bench so I started thinking how it could be done without needing to cut a big wooden board.In the hardware store of the town, I found some wooden boards ready to use. To add some interest we painted these opposite two walls several shades darker to accent them. The mantle was not the appropriate scale for the fireplace so we had a trim carpenter bulk it up by adding to the width and the length. In the open space by the stairwell, we added a custom bookcase filled with beautiful accessories which reinforced our color scheme.
Robin's selection of items, fabrics and attention to detail makes Robin's Nest a very special place. Her ability to learn what we wanted or what we liked even when we did not know ourselves was uncanny. Remove tape as soon as the paint is dry to the touch to prevent it from pulling up the base coat. I balanced the risk of theft with the amount of money spent and I think I have come out ahead on this project.
Tuck the legs under a sofa cushion and you you have an instant cocktail table that won’t take up valuable floor space. It’s definitely a nutshell at less than 1,000-square feet, but there are two bedrooms and a garden in the front. Splatter a random design onto the fabric without going over the center fold, then carefully fold over the board onto the painted section. It’s all in the luxe details like this mercury glass match and strike holder I made with very humble materials. The other kind of matches will only strike on the box and will not ignite on a sandy surface.
They are too rough in texture to use them as a blanket in my home, but they are thick and durable enough for reupholstering an ottoman, chair or stool. That was one of the reasons I kept my vintage blanket stored in a box for months, because I dreaded having to deal with the mothball smell.
This was not the original cover, when I removed this I discovered 3 more layers beneath it. I see this problem in a lot of homes, and it is a really easy and inexpensive fix for what is the focal point in a room. We hung her existing vibrant artwork over the chest and add some coordinating prints and accessories.
She is rare in that she can stay within budget, make your house look like a million dollars, and keep everyone feeling good about the process. All of the carpeting was taken up (the best day ever!) and new wood floors will be laid down. Use some muscle pressure here and make sure the paint is completely smoothed out and is evenly transferred to the other half of the fabric. To permanently set the fabric, most paint companies suggest putting it in the dryer or ironing it on the reverse side.
If you are transitioning to a smaller rental, or just live in a small space our interior design tips make DIY home decorating easy. These pops of color in addition to the rich green wall color  make for a warm and inviting Kitchen. In fact, my painted leather chairs are soft to the touch and don’t have a stiff texture. It’s a very dark Hunter green, which gives this cottage a bit of architectural detail it desperately needs.
No one has taken care of this property for many years, and I feel honored to bring it back to its shiny, new self. I was looking for an elegant way to create a bubbly champagne nook and hanging these lamp shade frames over the bar was just the ticket without taking up precious cocktail table space. At first the paint will look streaky and patchy but after three coats, the base coat will even out. I’ll be bringing in color on the walls later on but white is the base I want to work with for now.

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