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Oak coffee table, solid oak coffee table, square oak coffee table, light oak coffee table, wood coffee table with end tables, Hart's Country Furniture Store, Sutton Ontario. The Shabby NestIf you click on the green 'more info' link below the photo or on the photo itself if there is no 'more info' link, it will take you to a page that has a link to the online source for this item. Bubinga Bolacha Star Coffee Table Round cocktail table made with a solid crosscut of bubinga wood. Gus Modern Atwood Sectional Sofa The Atwood Sectional Sofa is clean lined, tailored design and sophisticated feel.

A raised concrete trough filled with recycled glass keeps the dining deck warm on cool nights. For assurance that you are ordering in the appropriate wood, please discuss directly with our showrooms.
When not in use, the gas firepit can be covered with a slab of ipe wood, which converts it into a coffee table.
The frame and legs are made with FSC Certified wood in support of responsible forest management.The Atwood is also available as a chair or sofa.

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