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Doors For Builders is a leading provider of beautiful wood entry doors, front doors and exterior doors and an industry pioneer in specialty custom entry doors and custom interior doors.
The front door of your home makes a lasting impression that will beautify and accentuate any home style. Express delivery may be an option for the following cities: Miami, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Richardson, Austin, Denver, San Diego, Minneapolis, Tampa, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Plano, Dallas, Houston, Arlington Heights, San Jose, Rancho Cucamonga, Mt. With the strength of the Euro, Canadian dollar, and other foreign currencies, premium solid wood entry doors from Doors For Builders are exceptionally affordable.
At Danvoy Group we are pleased to present a large selection of Glenview Doors, solid wood front entry doors of exceptional craftsmanship, available for quick delivery. SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIPOur engineered solid wood doors are crafted from the world's finest species.
SHORT LEAD TIMEWe offer wide selection of the highest quality engineered solid wood doors available for immediate delivery.
CUSTOM ENTRY & INTERIOR DOORSWe can design and craft truly custom wood entry doors and custom wood interior doors in any style, design or size. Modern Exterior Doors - Contemporary Series - Solid Wood Doors - in-Stock at Doors for Builders, Inc. Our large inventory of solid wood entry doors ranges from traditional to modern designs, and fit most standard openings. To enhance stability even further, the core of our mahogany doors contain the same solid mahogany species. In our finished series, the panel is completely prefinished and sealed on all six sides before being installed, and as the panels are free to float between fixed edges, there is no unfinished part of the panel that may show up with time. A reddish tone and close grain pattern makes mahogany an ideal choice for creating sophisticated environment.
Knotty Alder Doors: Looking for an entryway with a distinct personality to welcome visitors to your home? If you are looking for a Knotty Alder Door, then look no further as Doors For Builders has a great selection that’s always in stock! Improving Your House with Exterior French DoorsYou may be thinking about having exterior French doors in order improve the overall look of your patio.
Exterior doors custom made at Scottsdale Art Factory for residential and commercial entry, residential and commercial custom wood doors available. Skopje Fortress (Macedonian: transliterated Skopsko Kale), commonly referred to as Kale Fortress, or simply Kale (from the Turkish word for 'fortress'), is a historic fortress located in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia situated on the highest point in the city overlooking the Vardar River. The fortress is thought to have been reconstructed during the rule of emperor Justinian I and constructed further during the 10th and 11th centuries over the remains of emperor Justinian's Byzantine fortress which may have been destroyed due to a number of wars and battles in the region, such as that of the uprising of the Bulgarian Empire against the Byzantine Empire under the rule of Peter Delyan.
Our exterior wood doors are custom handcrafted in the original craft and are not reproduction fast process doors. Order your dream door custom designed for your residential or commercial property, and make a proper first impression that reflects your personality and accomplishments in the same way kings, queens and other aristocracy have done for thousands of years. Scottsdale Art Factory offers only the finest quality, artistic signature doors and entrances, individually created by our expert craftsmen, wood carvers, and metal smiths; with no limitations on size, design, thickness or finish. Scottsdale Art Factory, a custom wood doors, wrought iron gate, and handmade furniture manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Designs by H.J.

Scottsdale Art Factory an American manufacturer of custom doors, gates, and designer furniture all handcrafted by master artisans since 1913. Most older front doors made of wood often show their age prematurely because of inadequate treating and finishing to protect against the weather and heavy wear. With a focus on leading-edge design, product innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer service.
We are committed to offering a line of beautiful and durable wood entry doors, custom entry doors, and custom interior doors that add elegance to any home.
Laurel, Washington DC, Holmdel, Raleigh, San Francisco, Sacramento, Pittsburg, Oklahoma City, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Gaithersburg, Columbus, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Boston, Huntington Beach, Saratoga Springs, Arlington, Charlotte, La Grange, Staten Island, Cincinnati, Tucson, Troy, Portland, Gainesville, Seattle, Springfield, Skokie, Schaumburg, Jacksonville, Conroe, Naperville, Cherry Hill, Indianapolis, Nashville, Chatham, Aurora, Long Beach, St. We now ship to Canada including such cities as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, Victoria, Ottawa, Windsor, Quebec, and Halifax.
Also, we offer custom wood entry doors and custom interior doors in any style or size for residential and commercial projects. After premium grade components are kiln dried, our craftsmen carefully match colors and grain texture. Our large inventory of doors ranges from traditional to modern designs and fit most standard openings. We only sell prehung systems and pre-finished systems to ensure the best value for our customers. It responds well to hand and machine tools, has good nailing and screwing properties, and turns and carves superbly. Not only this kind of door can deliver comfort to your house, it can really enhance the aesthetic element in your decor.
Castle Doors built in the same hand and materials as the original including fine art hand forged genuine black smithed hardware.
It was constructed with yellow limestone and travertine and along with fragments of Latin inscriptions, assert the idea that the fortress originated from the Roman city of Skupi, which was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 518. Not much is known about the Medieval fortress apart from a few documents which outline minor characteristics in the fortress' appearance. Our master-level craftsmen, wood workers, and blacksmiths use their classical training and artistry to hand build our doors using historically correct methods that have been tried and tested throughout history to last for generations.
Nick, have been designing and building some of the world's finest furnishings all hand crafted in America since 1913. At Doors For Builders, we bring together superior craftsmanship and modern manufacturing to give the home owner an entry way they can be proud of. In Europe, we deliver to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Austria, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, and Turkey.
Unsurpassed quality and beauty is achieved by proven engineered design and hand applied multiple step finish. Ever since the 18th century when Sir Walter Raleigh had a mahogany table made for Queen Elizabeth I, the allure of mahogany has grown. Mahogany is regarded by many as the world's premier wood for fine cabinetry, high-class furniture, and mahogany front doors.
Custom doors handcrafted my the world's finest master craftsman building in America since 1913.

Using the correct building methods and tools as the historic design, we can recreate a design specific for each client's need for maximum security and an investment quality entrance door.
Mahogany varies from yellowish, reddish, pinkish, or salmon colored when freshly cut, to a deep rich red, to reddish brown as the wood matures with age. This custom full arch wood exterior door features genuine hand forged wrought iron clavos, and is pre-hung in a structural jamb.
They all want investment value furnishings that make a proper statement reflecting their personality, or the personality of the environment for which the designer custom furnishings are intended. Mahogany is fine to medium texture, with uniform to interlocking grain, ranging from straight to wavy or curly. English wood workers were especially fond of the roots and knots of Alder wood and are believed to have been the first to fabricate knotty alder doors. Handmade for your residential or commercial property our exterior custom doors are available in any size, style and finish.
Our craftsmanship ensures your custom wood door and furnishings will stand the test of time, and all handcrafted doors and furnishings are Guaranteed Forever, backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship. Irregularities in the grain often produce highly attractive figures such as fiddleback or mottle.
If you only want to fix small damage or cover a small defect, it may not be the best option. All wood doors custom made at Scottsdale Art Factory are designed by in house artist H J Nick - with many exterior entry doors inspired from historical castles and manor houses of the old world. The door doesn’t come with frames because the hinges and the locks will be aligned properly. We use only the highest quality natural air dried materials available for our arched doors. Meanwhile, the prehung door is good when you want to replace the door long with its frame altogether. This exterior door is custom made from solid 3-inch thick solid cedar cypress - full length, air dried timber - constructed using hand hewn mortise and tenon joinery. When you want to replace it, the frame and the hinges are already attached to the door, so you only need to install it all together. All high-end entry doors are available with a variety of custom door hardware options, all crafted by the hands of our master blacksmiths using solid, hand forged, anvil hammered, and patina finished wrought iron. For some home owners, this kind of door is more efficient and simpler in installation, but it depends on your preference. All exterior doors include adjustable self closing tension hinges, all weather stripping, mechanical door sweep, roller style door latches, locks, and crush-proof adjustable threshold.

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