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Exercise equipment carts and racks are used to aggregate and transport exercise and gym equipment, providing orderly storage and quick and easy distribution of fitness equipment. Rehabmart is pleased to carry exercise equipment carts and racks from noted vendors that include Hausmann Industries, DuraCart, Southpaw Enterprises, Sammons Preston, Clinton Industries and Ideal Products. A versatile Basket Cart with six baskets in choice of: red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple. Jump Rope-Hoop Holder is a durable cart that holds lots of jump ropes, hoops and other jumping devices. All Terrain Racket Cart, Conveniently stores and safely transports up to 100 rackets and paddles of many types and sizes plus balls and other exercise equipment accessories. Compact Health Club Step Cart, conveniently stores and safely transports the smaller aerobic exercise step platforms (approximately size: 29a€?L x 14a€?W) and the corresponding risers. Racket Master Cart conveniently stores and safely transports up to 100 rackets and paddles of all types and sizes plus lots of exercise equipment accessories in two large utility baskets.
This large-capacity Ball Master Cart conveniently stores and safely transports up to 108 playground balls or 84 soccer balls or 72 basketballs plus exercise equipment accessories.
Ez Reach Jump Rope Cart is a sturdy, multi-level cart that conveniently stores and safely transports jump ropes of all sizes. Volleyball Net Cart conveniently stores and safely transports up to 8 volleyballs, 6 nets and 12 antennas. Hoop Exercise Caddy Cart is a sturdy cart that safely stores and transports up to 100 hoops of many sizes.
40 Basketball Cart, Conveniently stores and safely transports up to 40 regulation-size basketballs. Hockey Hauler Cart is a large-capacity hockey equipment transport that holds up to 100 hockey sticks plus accessories. All Terrain Ball Cart, Safely stores and easily transports up to 40 soccer balls or 40 playground balls across grass, gravel and rough terrain. Playground Cart is a multi-purpose cart that stores and transport all types of physical education and recreational equipment. This Lockable Wall Mount Storage Rack comes with 4 hooks for storing over 20 tubes (Tubes sold separately). New Equipment Storage racks will keep your space organized, efficient, and more professional in appearance. Ball Storage Racks will keep your space organized, efficient, and more professional in appearance. Duracarts Aquatic Bulk Storage Bin or Cart is a great multi-use dump bin that can hold your heaviest loads. All Terrain Playground Cart is a versatile cart that conveniently stores and safely transports up to 24 soccer balls or 24 basketballs plus jump ropes, hoops and other exercise equipment accessories in two, large, heavy-duty, plastic baskets. Big Ball Caddy Exercise Equipment Cart, Holds up to nine a€?biga€? balls plus fitness accessories. Basket Master Exercise Equipment Cart is a versatile, large-capacity cart equipped with six, heavy-duty, plastic baskets. The color-coded CanDo® Watea„? exercise bars are available in various styles and weight ranges.
The DuraCart Aquatic All Purpose Carts are waterproof storage carts that are ideal for storing supplies used with swimming and aquatic therapy. Clinton Weight Bar Racks are useful systems for storing weight bars in a fitness center or physical therapy facility.

Fun Time Cart is a colorful Exercise Equipment Cart equipped with six large, heavy-duty, plastic baskets and six large storage hooks. The Clinton Towel Rack has a sliding hook system that makes it easy to laterally position towels. Roller Racer Caddy is a compact, durable cart that allows one person to conveniently and safely transport up to eight a€?hard-to-handlea€? Roller Racers (not included).
Carry All Cart, a sturdy cart equipped with four, large, heavy-duty, plastic baskets that can be used to store exercise equipment or otherwise.
All Terrain Jump Rope Cart is a durable multi-level exercise equipment cart that holds up to 100 jump ropes and allows jumpers of all ages to easily access the correct size rope. The Medicine Ball Stand is an excellent asset for physical therapy clinics, fitness studios, and gyms. Clinton's Universal Band Tubing Racks are available in both horizontal and vertical models. Duracarts Aquatic Multi-Use Wide Wet Rack or Cart designed with a wide base is a sturdy cart for storing heavy wet items. The Wall and Floor Racks for Therapy Bars let the therapy bars be inserted at an angle so they lean backwards, providing extra stability. The Bowling Cart, a great Exercise Equipment Cart, conveniently stores and safely transports bowling equipment. The Sand Bag & Cuff Weight Wagon offers a portable solution for keeping sand bags and cuff weights organized. The Clinton Value Series Mobile Weight Wagon offers a movable storage solution for dumbbells, weight cuffs, exercise balls and much more. Duracarts Aquatic Multi-Use Wet Combo Rack or Cart designed with a wide base is a sturdy cart for storing heavy wet items. The Econo Mobile Weight Rack is equipped with a black laminate base plate that also has T-molding.
The Mobile Therapy Station is a great way to store dumbbells, weight bars hugger weights and etc. The Pro-Style Saddle Rack provides a convenient method for storing and organizing dumbbells.
The 20 Cardio Pump Sets with Rack includes twenty of TKO's unique Cardio Pump barbells and a convenient rack that is specially designed to hold the Cardio Pump Sets. The Ball Master Cart requires a7 - 10 day lead time from the manufacturer and is not available for expedited delivery.
The eight large bars on four ascending levels allow rope jumpers of all ages to easily locate and access the correct size jump rope for exercise. This durable exercise equipment cart eliminates tangled nets and damaged antennas while permitting one person to quickly and easily set up or remove volleyball nets.
Also stores and transports: archery equipment, broomball equipment, cross country skis, golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, ring hockey sticks and shuffleboard cues. Four vertical top bars store exercise equipment accessories such as pinnies, stopwatches and whistles. This exercise equipment rack is an excellent way to keep your bars and area organized, safe, and neat.
One person can transport enough sports or exercise equipment to occupy an entire playground. CanDo® Watea„? bars can be used in the supine, sitting, or standing position to increase strength and range-of-motion.

The open, pipe shelving allows swim gear and towels to dry fully, preventing mold from forming. Six large bars on three levels safely transport jump ropes of all sizes over rough terrain. This convenient stand can hold up to five balls, and each rack is large to provide room for any size of medicine ball. The mobile weight wagon can be used in therapy and fitness settings to move equipment from one area to the next. This exercise equipment rack consists of six bins with locking closeable tops to keep equipment safe and secure. It has a durable laminate finish, an almond coated pegboard with 2 inch safety hooks for hugger weights.
This exercise equipment rack has two tiers of shelves for extra storage space, and its angled shelf design promotes easy, fluid movement when placing dumbbells and removing them from the shelf. The rack is a great way to store and organize pump sets, and it also keeps them clean, out of the way, and easily accessible when needed.
The Single Bike Rack can be mounted in just 15 minutes and is fully adjustable for easy use. Allows one person to conveniently transport enough a€?hard-to-handlea€? hoops for an entire class.
Provides students with the recreational equipment they need to practice important developmental skills such as catching, kicking and throwing. Convenient corner bars hold fitness accessories such as jump ropes, stretch bands and resistance loops. All aquatic carts are built with blue pipe, white cross bars, and white fittings, and are available with or without wheels. All Wall and Floor Racks for Therapy Bars have a Formica finish for durability, uniform appearance, and easy cleaning.
Holds up to 60 regulation-size bowling pins, 12 regulation-size bowling balls plus accessories. One side of the Rotating Weight Rack is equipped with a pegboard that will hold hooks for hugger weights.
This station also has 5 high impact polystyrene drawers and an oak wood laminate door with a lock.
The eyebolts are adjustable, and can be easily moved to accommodate the equipment you have.
Great as a jump rope station in the dance studio, gym, health club or exercise weight room. It has a built in compartment for weight bars to be stored on one side of the mobilized weight rack, and on the opposite side it has built in dispensers for 5 REP bands. Large 10 inch diameter, a€?go-anywherea€?, rubber wheels provide smooth movement over all kinds of terrain.
The 70 inch height allows 7', 8', 9' & 10' jump ropes to be hung on the bars without the handles touching the floor. It is equipped with a pegboard and hooks so that hugger weights and dumbbells can be added to the rack.

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