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More than 40 pubs, bars and clubs across Greater Manchester have failed to meet basic hygiene requirements set by the Food Standards Agency - and need urgent or major improvements. Restaurants left over a DECADE without safety inspections thanks to council cuts At each inspection, officers will look at how hygienically the food is prepared and handled, cooked, reheated and stored.
A manager said: a€?The kitchen team has entirely been replaced and we have taken action to meet all of the standards set out by the Foods Standards Agency. Manager Michael Dumbabin said: a€?The kitchen has been completely refitted and we are now waiting for inspectors to come out and re-evaluate. Stand Golf Club has been located just one mile north of the pizzazz and razzmatazz of Manchester city centre since 1904 - and thus has recently celebrated its centenary this year - and also has the distinction of having been designed by Alex Herd. Here you can keep up to date with the Latest News, Recent Competition Winners and Website Updates as well as keeping an eye on the Golf and Snooker Leagues. Congratulations to Swinton Park on winning the Summer League by the narrowest of margins just half a point. Dave Bellairs and David Jones  have also unearthed this one, but not being a sportsman, it had passed me by! So, there you go - if  you remember this recital, please contact me and I'll pass on the message to Charles! My memories of him over the last 42 years are vivid to say the least as I'm sure yours are too! A FORMER headteacher, who later set a 'bench-mark' by serving as a JP for 22 years, has retired.
Whitefield, later becoming principal of Stand Sixth Form College and Vice Principal of Bury College.
As a JP, he served as deputy chairman of the Bury bench between 1998 and 2003 and then bench chairman between 2003 and 2005.
John Sumner, RIP, a pupil from 1971 to 1974, for getting me drunk so often in The Railway Arms , Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe. By Angela Epstein, August 12, 2010Clubs have no future a€” thata€™s the bleak view of Martin Caller, former president of the Association of Jewish Golf Clubs and SocietiesStand on the club house terrace overlooking 100 undulating acres of tree-lined greenery and the view is, quite simply, breath-taking. Unfortunately fielding such an emotional argument might not be enough to sustain this legacy. With a demographic that hints that golf is mainly the preserve of the middle aged and retired, along with the rival temptations of other sporting activities, low takings at the bar and membership charges that are pricier than other, "non-Jewish clubs" - and there are three cheaper ones within a few miles radius of Whitefield in north Manchester - membership numbers are dwindling fast - down to 400 from a high point of 800 in its 1950s heyday.

It is certainly a bleak view when you consider the verve and enthusiasm which accompanied the establishment of the club in 1932.
A group of local Manchester philanthropists, including clothing manufacturer Emmanuel Raffles and Joe Cassel, a wealthy builder, reacted to the policy of exclusion by leasing and then buying the open farmland on which the golf club stands. However, the membership has always been low compared to nearby non-Jewish clubs, and this has driven up fees to make Whitefield viable, so fuelling its reputation as a millionaire's club. The problems at Whitefield are faced to varying degrees by Jewish golf clubs around the country. The club's membership ranges from Orthodox Jews, though admittedly in the minority, to the broadly conservative mainstream. Many of the area's Jews have over the years migrated from Manchester to Cheshire which led to the establishment of another predominantly Jewish golf club, at Dunham Forest. A legendary golf course architect, Herd is responsible for some of the world's finest courses, and shaped and influenced the way golf course design developed over the twentieth century.
Even the non-players who visit Manchester's Whitefield Golf Club - one of the country's oldest Jewish clubs - never fail to be impressed by the beauty of the course.
Jewish golf clubs - once a critical part of Anglo-Jewish culture - are withering on the vine.
At the time there was a tacit prejudice against Jews joining clubs, a move which was fired by the antisemitism of the time, and which prevailed, according to Caller, at golf clubs well into the 1990s.
It was a popular move - the club's first annual report recording that it had a total of 406 members.
Its air of exclusivity was catalysed further by its location - Whitefield remains one of the premier Jewish addresses in north Manchester. At Dyrham Park Country Club in Barnet, Hertfordshire, which was established in the early 1960s, there is concern over a decline in members - the roll currently stands at around 700.
It is not necessarily due to the economic situation, rather more to the rise in numbers of clubs.
As Ruth Hobbs, who handles the club's marketing, says: "We've been here for 40 years and are well-established. After all, a club's constitution may say it is "Jewish" but this is not a legally binding description - non-Jews are not prevented from joining.
Some land was sold to a developer when its old club house was knocked down but officials stress this was to help pay for the building of a new club house, and only a very small area was lost from the course.

And The Norden Arms in Rochdale received the lowest possible score of zero at its last inspection.
All these ratings were taken from the FSAa€™s website as they appeared on the morning of Friday 20 November 2015. The kitchen is closed during the summer as we are a student focused pub so we are waiting for the next inspection.a€? He added the low score was due to no food being served and there was nothing to value.
From then on Whitefield Golf Club rapidly became a major social centre for Jews throughout the Greater Manchester area, with membership peaking in the '50s. Near us here there are two or three other clubs within a few miles, so there's a lot of choice for golfers. People would maybe rather pay A?2,000 for a membership which will last them a year than spend that on just one week's holiday," says Hobbs. What "Jewish" means in practice at Whitefield, for instance, is that competitions are not played on a Saturday and that the club is closed on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
Up till now, Whitefield has been able to rely on initiatives like the pay and play days to weather the recesssion, but a long-term answer is needed.
Out of those 41 to be given just one star, 18 were in Manchester, including Oa€™Sheas bar on Princess Street and Odd Bar on Thomas Street.
We have not had a waiting list for a few years now, so it's not just because of the recession. Food hygiene inspections are carried out in pubs, bars and clubs as well as restaurants, schools and other food outlets regularly by local authorities across the UK.
Following an inspection each establishment is given a score ranging from zero to five which is made publicly available by the Food Standards Agency. A score of one signifies that major improvement is needed and a zero signifies urgent improvements need to be undertaken.

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