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But, as Val the little big man delivers a vanity free performance, walking around with a tent pole erection for a portion of the film after popping too much Viagra when failing to perform with a Russian prostitute. As the wearied Doc, Walken too isn’t afraid to show his age, those hollow eyes sinking ever deeper into a wrinkled, but still famous and fascinating visage. But, while moving in fits and starts, the script has pockets of pure enjoyment, including a final joyride for the three old-timers and a blaze of glory finale that’s no surprise but nicely executed.
What elevates Stand Up Guys are the quieter moments when Val reflects on his 28-year stretch, the severity of the term a result of him refusing to rat out his crew.  Here the brooding anger and darkness of Michael Corleone can be glimpsed, reminding us that this is one of cinema’s very best performers. A recent study at the University of Leicester has shown that standing up at work can reduce a person's risk of diabetes, heart disease and death. Research at the University of Queensland has also linked standing up at work with productivity and performance. So, while it could be some time before the modern workplace shifts to adjustable workstations, make sure to stand up throughout your day - the evidence is certainly for it!
Ivy Child International partners with Stand Up To Bullying 2012 to take a stand against Bullying, joining hands with thousands of middle and high school students and teachers during a one day program to facilitate discussion and formulation of action plans, to implement bullying prevention programs in  schools.

Ivy Child International (Ivy Child) is a highly acclaimed Massachusetts based non-profit, leading the national conversation on Bullying, by way of their unique Bullying Prevention and Leadership curriculum.  Ivy Child has developed an array of learning-based curricula and workshops for leadership and training for children and young people, through personal assessments, identifying leadership characteristics, teaching leadership models, behavior and best practices. Ivy Child is a leading resource for caregivers, educators, community agencies, and healthcare organizations to receive guidance and instruction on creating a healthy child-centered environment.  Ivy Child has developed their Bullying Prevention curriculum in response to the  rising incidents of physical violence, verbal abuse, cyber taunts and bullying related deaths among youth across the country and the globe.
Stand up was created to educate, motivate and empower young people to actively promote positive social change and combat bullying in their schools and communities. On November 29, 2012 thousands of middle and high school students and teachers from across New England will come together at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, MA for a one-day program to take a stand against all forms of bullying. The maiden Stand Up Rally took place on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 with more than 4,000 middle and high school students and teachers representing over 150 schools coming together at Northeastern University in Boston to take a stand against bullying.  In 2012, the  program will be attended by a greater number of attendees and will be held in a larger venue.
The Stand Up program was developed by a community coalition of over fifty people and organizations who worked in partnership with renowned bullying prevention authorities to ensure the most effective messaging and call to action for students and their educators. In addition to Bullying Prevention and Leadership, Ivy Child offers children, caregivers, teachers, and administrators programs such as Yoga and Mindfulness, Multicultural and Music Education, to teach emotional self regulation and cultivate cross-cultural understanding in schools, after-school programs, and community centers.
The study compared the health effects of workers who remained seated for long periods of time with those who alternated between sitting and standing.

The research suggests that workers are more focused, energized and more engaged when they periodically stand up to do their tasks.
Stand Up utilizes a combination of educational information, commentary and panel  discussions from bullying and leadership experts such as Ivy Child, as well as celebrity entertainers, prominent political leaders and special recognition to motivate students to stand up to bullying in their schools and communities. An article in In the Black magazine highlights an emerging trend for height adjustable desks in the workplace.
Many workplaces in Japan have even installed alarms to signal when employees must stand up.

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